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say it in verse

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Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 142
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 8:46 pm    Post subject: say it in verse

name and form

everything is going wrong
focussing on name and form
worshipping the instruments
meanwhile everyone forgets
the supreme incorporial one
the one who does and gets things done
through each of us, through every soul
the one who comes to make us whole

its just like Christanity
when Jesus said 'don't follow me'
'follow the father', and did they heed?
no not at all, down on their knees
forget the father, praise the son
ignore his words, ignore his wisdom

they truly are a flock of sheep
who follow blindly half asleep
they worship Brahma, idolise
the Dadis, but don't realise
with every bow, with every scrape
they stop themselves from being great

( Wink howiemac - madhuban April 2004)

Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 142
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 8:48 pm    Post subject:

super server tireless one
strong connection to the sun
you will be a golden great
sure you are one of the eight
always working always giving
words of wisdom, inspiration
thousands bow at your request
giving you their bhakti best
'come in closer, come in front
I will give you what you want'

with someone who has climbed so high
you would think one could rely
on loving care and tenderness
and humble regard for the rest
you would think one could expect
highest virtue, love, respect
but you show some vicious traits
surely there is some mistake
or are you like the soldier who
has to kill, his duty to do
outweighs the blackness of the deed
with the fruits of faithfulness

work so hard at doing good
for so long you push and push
you huff and puff and stress and strain
you show the way time and again
for every wrong a hundred rights
for every time you twist the knife
you give to others help in life

I cannot like your monstrous side
will not accept your fascist pride
but I will turn away my cheek
not give the other for you to beat
but walk away and will not keep
your sins between me and sweet sleep

for God is with me
I am strong
immune to darkness
can't be wronged
you have no power
you have no right
without the light
there is no might
your fear is weakness
and your knife
is mere illusion

for a moment
you caused confusion
from which appears
calm resolution
now see I have no need
of help from you
or recognition
do not need your invitation
do not need your approbation
you offer nothing
and now it seems
nothing from you
is what I need
the drama is so good indeed
it shakes me up
to set me free
it leads me to
my one support
the only one in times of need
who always helps
who stays with me
unto the end
my one true friend
my guide
you wonderous God
you perfect being
you golden dream
my queen
my love
you're everything
I need

and Janak is a pale
and sorry mess
compared to Shiva's

the light, the light
is clear and bright
out of the night
I walk
to God
and leave out all imperfections
lying in the broken road

its simple, easy
clean and right
there is no risk
no downside
no fight
as paradise comes into sight
this wilderness
seems less and less
this decaying emptiness
just disappears
in time
as the shine
of the fine
jewelled line
each easy step
to the sublime

sweet ecstasy
is mine

(howiemac madhuban April 2004)

Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 142
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 8:50 pm    Post subject:

sisters grim

sisters, sisters, what's happened to you?
once so friendly, simple, true
now so prim and oh so proper
often grim and fearful too
oh so serious, so unsure
cold, detached, unfriendly, cruel

poor poor sisters i can't reach you
wouldn't wish you were untrue
wouldn't like to see you fall
wouldn't want you to lose it all
wouldn't break you if i could
but it grieves me so, to see your mood

lovely sisters where are you?
please unto your selves be true
loving, gentle, simple, sure
relaxed and happy, radiant, pure
open, giving, friendly, free
that is how we all should be

(madhuban April 2004)

Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 142
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 8:53 pm    Post subject:

next time

wacky sisters in a daze
smiling with a loving gaze
close the door and turn to ice
next time round they're not so nice

saintly sirens going to seed
thinking dirty thoughts indeed
guilty whispers, cunning twisters
breaking out in psychic blisters
frozen stiff, eyes black with fear
next time will be crystal clear

shafts of light to reel you in
coax and pull and tease and spin
land and fillet, gut you out
throw out all you are about

this how its always been
never works, but don't give in
wacky sisters in a race
must be right, they rule the place
do exactly as they say
wonder why we run away?

(howiemac august 2004 Edinburgh)

Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 142
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 8:55 pm    Post subject:

black sheep

this sheep is a healthy one
lively, fit, and lean and strong
should be a credit to the flock
should be first class breeding stock
yet this sheep is under attack
just because its wool is black
mother says 'it would be right'
'if you had a coat of white'
shepherd says that you must go
off to where the the grass don't grow
you don't look like all the rest
because of this you are a pest
black sheep no one wants you here
you just fill us all with fear
in this world you must conform
must be no different from the norm
black sheep black sheep, go away
no one likes you anyway

(howiemac madhuban April 2004)

Joined: 26 Jan 2005
Posts: 169

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 10:04 pm    Post subject: Say it in a verse...


Thank you for posting such personal and deeply felt poems. Crying or Very sad In April 2004 there must have been a strong cosmic change as that is when I felt my pain. It is good to see the mind/spirit process by noting the dates and your inner personal pain. Please provide the date when you left to see the final flow of events. Idea

Thank you for providing me with the verse: [The Chains are Imaginary.] Smile

It worked...I came out to play. Words are a powerful healing element, just as the spoken word. To combine the two is divine. I could hear a melody in the last two, near to the sublime. Thanks again for sharing your personal experience, wisdom and your words. Keep them coming as a song begins with a verse..............



Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 142
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2006 2:36 pm    Post subject: Re: Say it in a verse...

Tete wrote:
Please provide the date when you left to see the final flow of events.

April 2004 - that visit to Madhuban was the end of it effectively, stopped going regularly to the centre a week or two after that (not for the first time..) - though it took me until Summer 2005 to fully realise and accept that I had left and, indeed, I am still working some things out. The stuff that came out in these poems helped me realise the time had come to move on..

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement Tete Smile.

Joined: 22 Feb 2004
Posts: 167

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2006 9:27 pm    Post subject:

Thanks for sharing howie. What I find very interesting here (and ironic) is that while the Madhuban experience is usually supposed to strenghten yoga (relationship) within the 'divine family' it actually backfired here Exclamation

One thing that keeps baffling me in several experiences on this site though: how does one become estranged from the cream of 'God's prime creation' (by 'His' own admission) and yet remain tight with Him? There's a Hindu song that says " If the creation is so beautiful, then how beautiful must the Creator be?" If the Creator constantly embraces and praises his creation then how are we mortals to understand these discrepancies you sing of in these poems? Confused [or is it a rhetorical question? Wink ]

Thanks again for sharing pal.

"Those were the days my friend ...."

Joined: 23 Dec 2005
Posts: 9
Location: UK

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 4:22 pm    Post subject:

Powerful and beautifully crafted. These poems are amongst the best I've read, probably because I can actually related to them. Something unusual in poetry Smile
  MSN Messenger

Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 142
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 7:53 am    Post subject: epilogue


the harbour wants me
tied up secure
roped firmly to the pier
safe and sure

but i must push off
along the coast
drifting free with those
i love the most
at the mercy of the breeze
going with the flow
confident enough to tease
the storm
it will not do me harm
I believe
and if another boat should come
to pull me in
or do me wrong
I just move on
self contained
and strong

(Aug 2004 Cables Wynd,Leith)

Joined: 22 Feb 2004
Posts: 167

PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2006 1:57 pm    Post subject:

Good content for xbks howie; not bad crafting too ... Smile

"Those were the days my friend ...."
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