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I have been aware of the forum for several years and have just decided to register. I was a practising member of a BKWSU centre for a number of years in the late 80s to early 90s and after spending most of those years wondering why none of it made any sense, though still feeling compelled to continue with the daily routine of meditation and morning class, since I was convinced of Who it was imparting the teachings, I decided to simply not show up at class or public programmes anymore. There were many factors which led to this decision, the chief ones being I felt no connection with anyone at the centre and I noticed strange things going on at the centre which I could not explain with The Knowledge. After parting company with the BKs, I had severe pschological problelms which led to a terrible breakdown, resulting in a long stay on a psychiatric ward. Since then, I have researched everything I could find on the internet about cults and cultic groups and made my conclusion that BKSWU is just that, which freed my mind from alot of the guilt I felt, which contributed to my breakdown. Later, I discovered a link to your website for xBKs and have been visiting it on a regular basis ever since, though I have only just decided to register.

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