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questioning BK
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Over the last 3/4 years I am beginning to see more "sickness" within the family -particularly of residents within Retreat Centres. Some are Hindi some are Western surrendered Sisters. One in particular has just returned from being "sent"away and I was shocked when I saw her. She has lost a lot of weight and appears quite crushed emotionally. I wish she could confide in me as I have always been very clear about what I will take from the B.K's and what I have no intention of becoming involved in. It seems that senior "bullying" is on the increase as people become more aware that the Senior Dadis are closer to dying.
I find B.K. "speak" becoming more and more irritating and refuse to communicate in anything other than straight and clear language. I will not treat Dadi Janki as a Guru although there is a refusal within the organisation to acknowledge that is how she is seen by many. It is clear that she adores the power she has and I have never wished to access any of her "personal meetings". through this little old
There are Seniors whom I respect and like but feel that they are deluded and when they truly confront what is now going on in the organisation will not know where to go. Surrender is a dangerous route to take in any religious/spiritual organisation. You are in effect selling your soul to them.
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