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I have realized that neither Shiv Baba is Trikaldarshi, that is Knower of past, present and future, nor is He the Absolute and unfailing Truth, nor is Drama accurate nor is Shiv Baba Himself accurate being given His multiple failed predictions for world destruction predicted in World War 2, 1950, 1976, 1986/87 and year 2000. The Auspicious Confluence Age was previously said to be of 40 years duration. Who spoke that if not Shiv Baba Himself? This was hidden by the senior BKs for a long time...The Yagya( Rajaswa Ashwamedh Avinashi Rudra Gita Gyan Yagya ) started in 1936 PLUS 40 years of the Confluence would lead us to 1976. World Destruction ( Nuclear World War3 should have started in 1976 and Golden Age also should have immediately followed....but this has proved to be a failure....that is a lie from God....I personally went to meet Baapdada in Madhuban in the the year 1982 and asked Shiv Baba some personal questions including a question on Carbon 14 dating but His answers were evasive...To me, carbon 14 dating would definitely make The Cycle of 5000 years quite inconsistent....I have many more points to write but next time....
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