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i am a BK ,& met the first love of my life(from school)rcntly and we have everything in common. We share a real close bond and love each other. I have been a BK for last 6 years & even left my job to come to Madhuban for last 3 months, although now i have decided to go back , because of 2 reasons. one because i won`t be ever able to marry if i remain here another was that i found that the people here are not too spiritual.I have a dilemma now. This new friend of mine is not a BK and contacted me for some meditation tips(as she was going through a divorce). She never experienced love, neither physical nor emotional from this previous partner of her.I in the process of helping her, deeply fell in love with her and we talk very frequently these days. Now my biggest dilemma is how do i ask her to be celibate.I am not a ex-BK or exiting-BK as of now. But i also do not want to leave this childhood love of mine for i foresee i great life with her. But the only condition where we are stuck is that she wants a consummate marriage and i do not(based on my BK philosophy).I would like someone in this forum to help me on this dilemma. I would welcome your thoughts to help me choose between my childhood love and my BKism.I never thought i will write this kind of text to you, but the drama as we BKs say has brought me to this state of dilemma. Would appreciate your views
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