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Being born in a BK family, it is and has always been very difficult to see that the people whom I love, my family, are living in a parallel reality of their own...completely disconnected with, disinterested in, and yet hypocritically seeking the very same comforts of, the old materialistic world (or Purani Duniya). Unlike the Dadis and Dadas of today, believe me, there was a time when I have seen the senior BK members at Madhuban in restraint and insisting on non-VIP treatment, but alas! Was all that an act or an era bygone I wonder?!

I had been a regular visitor of, as a guest, and now I see that important updates are being missed which I wish to share, like... how the Supreme "BapDada" missed to come at a particular Padhramani or Milan, or is it only Dadi Gulzar who is speaking instead of BapDada, the fact that the Dadis are now and then being hospitalized and cannot beat the "Agayani" or "without Knowledge" Louis Hey, who lived illness-free until the time she died at age 90 using the power of positive affirmations. We need to discuss the emerging BK stories, hence I am here.

P.S. I do not consider myself as a BK as I've never completely or truly followed any of their restrictive rules and never understood why do they behave so depressed and disillusioned if they meditate. I can say that I am a family member of BKs, at best.
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