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I have taken a 7 day course at BK center with my parents and elder Sister, we went there just because we were so much inspired by Sister shivani talks on "Awakening with Brahamakumaris" program on television.
When I went there I was kind of liking the environment and their sweet talks but what they have taught in their 7 days course did not make any sense to me. Although, my elder Sister still believe in them but I cannot tolerate them. My Sister wont listen to me and she is still in this cult trap.
We sometimes have heated arguments which result nothing but emotional pain. It feels like as if I am talking to a zombie who is in control to BKSU.
It's good to be a nice person but what they are preaching is absolute bullsh**!

What I have learned there was just opposite of what I heard form syster shivani motivational speeks
What I have experience there was that they are greedy, and money making people. They indirectly ask for money. I have seen politics there, I have seen anger, I have seen ego and hatred.

I simply cannot convince that Lord Shiva (Shiv Baba) soul speaks through Dadi Gulzar body. I find BapDada milan to be fake AF in the first place.

They believe in the end of the world which sounds like end of the world cult.

I simply do not like BK and BKSU. I personally believe that it is a end of the world cult group.
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