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OK Baba is the ocean of knowledge, but he is only talking about the Indian ocean, I wonder what Baba tels us about the book of Enoch , this book tels us that there where Angels, good and bad angels comming from another planet, but this must be another universal ocean of knowledge. I love Baba but the souls are not very pure now and are swimming in an ocean of lies, so Baba is the innocent ocean of love peace, and all what is whriten down by humans is Impure also this Murli ?. with all respect for only 1 Baba . The book of Enoch and this story is about purity, angels, heaven on earth the fall through the 5 sins, the way the souls are programmed is impure. How to reprogram yourself whit the help of God the Father of all souls, if you belief these words in the Murli comes from him OK, there is something innocent about these words, God himself is speaking but through the mouth of Brahma, and he tels us to trough this mouth, first see you self as a tinny point of light and remember me the highest ever pure soul to become pure once again, the trust in this and remembrance is for every soul unique, so what ever you tell me for me its something different, i think Baba loves his independent souls, if you follow his words without questions you make a fine subject, or not?
No, I am happy for my indentiity to be known and perhaps discussed

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