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I am a student studying abroad, finishing my master's. When I first arrived, I found myself missing home, and craving something similar that I could identify with. Coming from a very philosophical and spirituality inclined family in India, an aunt, who I believe follows Sister Shivani, encouraged me to visit the BK center in Rome. At first, i found myself enjoying the courses, the people and the environment, but soon felt very uncomfortable. I have been practicing Yoga( not the BK kind) for several years, and I had always been encouraged to question. I found the BKs stifling, and began some research. This site really helped me understand, and I have been able to distance myself from the organisation. I felt pressured, as they tried to convince me to go vegan, to tell me that if I believed differently, it was wrong and so on. I realised I had to leave when my parents were going through a tough time in their marriage ( they in no way subscribe to BK philosophy, in fact, although my dad disagreed with their philosophy, he encouraged me to discover it and to make my decision), and I spoke to the members at the center, and they told me was that this was good, that marriages had to fall apart, that this would bring them to Baba. Soon after that, I began to distance myself from them, and it's been a year now, and I am happy.
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