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27 Nov 2006

As we all probably know of such stories, it might be a good thing to advertize what goes on so that it can be made public and discussed. i think my posts are from the heart. I wrote them with all honesty and with the absence of pretense. i did not mean to offend others. I even thought, the pro-BKs ...

26 Nov 2006

bansy wrote:
may be here for a short stay seeking advice

I agree though actually I prefer that these people do come back and feedback on the progress or results.

I will bansy ... and john, no worries, i respect your stand.

Peace to all.

25 Nov 2006

Well, do i have to experience all of them myself to make a judgment? I heard enough from the BKs, i read enough form non-bks, i do experience some ... what do i need more to express an opinion? ... i respect all your opinions ... and just like mine, i dint seek for anyone's approval. As obviously st...

24 Nov 2006

Ey guys, thanks a lot for all your insights. i really read every word of it. i really learned a lot from you. And guess what, my friend just emailed me that Sister whoever-her-name is, a national coordinator will be coming to our city 2 days from now for a group discussion on Spirituality, Inner Pea...

23 Nov 2006

I just cant find one good reason why an organization that uses dirty tactics be tolerated. I did not say that the organization is bad at all, from posts that i read here, it sounds ... that the damage they could give outweighs the goodness that they try to give the world. I am sorry, just my opinion.

23 Nov 2006

Did you say the parents were living together or apart now? Something seems not quite right there. No. they do not live together anymore. Like i said, my friend and his kids just moved in my area. As far as he is concerned, his kids are being raised well. Sent to the best university, enrolled in a m...

23 Nov 2006

Hey guys, i've got a feeling that my friend has come across my post and maybe has read his email being posted here, that he no longer accepts my call and even avoided me in my yahoo messenger. I've already decided not to go back to the BK center anymore. I just wish to help my friend. But now that h...

22 Nov 2006

I hope though you guys can answer the questions I raised in my 3rd to the last post.


22 Nov 2006

bansy, thanks a lot. You're definitely right.

22 Nov 2006

Hey guys, although my friend did not tell me about the Destruction thing happened in 1976, he often told me, though that the wars and other disasters now are the signs of times ... that the world has almost come to an end. He did not mention figures though. I've got the feeling too that my friend is...

22 Nov 2006

hello again guys, I want you all to know that i acknowledged your interaction. Mr. Green, the very reason why my visits to my friend's house became rare lately is that I cannot take the idea of being a Shudra. Although, he did not make me feel that way, I cannot be sure of what he really feels insid...

21 Nov 2006

hello ex-I first of all bear, with my English because i never had time to review and edit what i wrote. But, its the thought that counts right? Well, my friend never mentioned to me about the Murlis. I even wondered why he encouraged me to take the course when from the start i already told him that ...

Don't know if i could help my BK friend

21 Nov 2006

hello guys, I am new here. I want you to know how relieved i am to have found this site. The information i gathered here made me decide not to continue the seven day course i started in BK. i don't know if you interested to hear my story. I got to know a guy, who happens to be a BK. Actually it was ...

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