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Dear friends

21 Dec 2017

I bet you never missed me but to all of you, new or old diehards, all the best for 2018.

Everything will be fine ...

Can we still consider RELAX KIDS as a BK front organization?


Re: Compare BK with Islam

17 Jun 2016

Think about it.

Any cult/religion will radicalise followers in sneaky ways.

1 ... How to think of non believers, which will separate you from others? (Others are impure etc).


BKs' own production of self-promotion

09 Apr 2016

Lies, or not telling the truth and not even embarrassed about it? :shock:


Re: Cult Leader jailed

15 Dec 2015

Easy ... from zero to hero!

Re: Paris attack and political BKWSU

20 Nov 2015

Hypocrites! Well, every disaster is a moment for any cult to promote themselves to tell the world how much people 'need' them to sustain inner strength or all other crap. The only fear is with the followers. They think it's finally the end (again) which, of course, it is not and because it is not, i...

Re: Baba saying, "Who will press the button (for Destruction

07 Oct 2015


Inside Cults: with Rick Alan Ross.

28 Aug 2015

And how it relates to BK.

Re: Staring into eyes induces altered state of consciousness

19 Aug 2015

Yes, did it a long time ago. Had to step out, it scared the xxxx out of me.

Re: God visits the earth using "flying saucers"

18 Aug 2015

from "The True Gita" published by the BKWSU Brahma Kumaris and written by their leading "intellectual" Jagdish Chander

.... Where? Exactly. Do we have that documented here?

No guru

18 Aug 2015

The BKs in the Netherlands claim on their website, We do not have a guru-follower system I would like to get into that a bid more. We know from History BK never was to have any members. (For tax?) I got an email claiming the BKs even have a complaint-'wing' in the Netherlands because it seems to be ...

Re: Marriage in jeopardy

16 Aug 2015

Don't mind me putting up some BK quotations from Murlis. “Here husband and wife give sorrow to each other, because they lead a vicious life after marriage. You are becoming worthy to go to Golden Age where vice never exists. Lust is the greatest enemy. The next is the anger. Lust makes you vicious. ...

Re: Marriage in jeopardy

15 Aug 2015

I remember a post for her, here . Prem Hari, You need not do anything. Let her have her own way. You can see the nonsense that she is falling into, but that is her freedom, and one learns only by experience. If you try to pull her out she will not be able to live her experience totally. In the first...

Re: Spiritual Family disowning you

20 Jul 2015

I can understand that.

Re: The Murli translation and production

30 Jun 2015

Knock yourself out. You noticed there is one date on it and not two? ... 7.15-E.pdf

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