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Re: Could the anger be self-directed?

31 Dec 2009

Just a few more thoughts, and then farewell even from this site ... The flip side of this possible self-directed anger is to see that we are valiant souls who are indeed EX -BKs! Folks, WE'RE OUT!! We had the valor and wisdom to finally "see the light". We must view ourselves with love an...

Could the anger be self-directed?

30 Dec 2009

In reading many of the posts on this site, I perceive many ex-BKs as angry and bitter, even after much time has lapsed. It makes me wonder if perhaps that anger is really directed at ourselves for having believed and dedicated so much of our lives (money, energy, etc.) to the BKWSU? How could we be...

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

30 Dec 2009

Pablo, though I understand and relate to your words wholeheartedly, there are things that happened that perhaps you being a male did not witness. At the end of my 10 years, I saw how things and consciousness within the BKs, even at Madhuban, had degraded. I witnessed how a Madhubaniwasi invited a yo...

Re: My relationship with God now

07 Dec 2009

Thank you GumboWumbo for your 'pearls' of wisdom ... It is true that one cannot throw it all out as false or brainwashing. As several people have told me since, this was a stepping stone to gain knowledge and spiritual experience, and now I must find my own way, which I am doing. I do feel my spirit...

My relationship with God now

06 Dec 2009

Hello everyone, I have just found and joined this site today and have spent HOURS reading the posts. It has been comforting and enlightening to discover that I am not 'alone' in my post-BK feelings and experiences, and that my feeling of needing to be deprogrammed is not unique. I was 'in' for 10 y...

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