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Re: BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's birth again

28 Aug 2019

I was still imprisoned by the prediction that Destruction would happen by 1986 or 1996 which was drummed into us. The joke is, sub-conscious parts of me probably still are ... Are you completely out of it now? What did you do for getting the dogma out of your mind? I started the Gyan actually when ...

Re: BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's birth again

28 Aug 2019

These people are total crapbags. They don't care what you call them. Baba taught them to become shameless. In India it is said, "Mard Ki Jaban". It means when the real man speaks the words he mean it. And if it fails then he is ready to pay the compensation. But BKs don't. They keep on sa...

Re: BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's birth again

27 Aug 2019

What is happening with Lekhraj Kirpalani/BapDada, has he stopped coming? Not heard about Gulzar for a while. BapDada is not coming for last 2-3 seasons. They are running the recorded videos of previous seasons. The above video is explaining the same. A few senior Sisters are claiming that Krishna i...

BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's birth again

26 Aug 2019

Here Suraj Bhai, again sure of Krishna's birth in 2036. Earlier he predicted it in year 2000 with the same confidence

Re: BK Ashram Manager Rapes Woman Then Molests Her Again

26 Aug 2019

OMG :shock: :shock:

The BKs will say, oh this is karmic accounts between the two souls. It ought to happen, and in the end the more Karmic accounts would be settled among the BKs only.

Re: How long are we going to have this BK fraud happen aroun

04 Feb 2019

The best way to expose is to rejoin them with again white clothes on and then challenge their teachings. This time no "Haji" part. Just go on questioning the speaker in Murli Class, spiritual class, Hard seva. Ask them about the audited balance sheet of the centre. For any little donation ...

Re: I want to marry a Brahma Kumar

04 Jan 2019

I want to marry a Brahma Kumar Is it not against Shrimat now? ;) In our days (Year 2000 or so), thinking of getting married was the biggest betrayal. Once a BK always a BK. As per BK definition, one who is married to god only IS a BK. He/She should not even think of any dehdhari as it would be trea...

Re: The Story of Virendra Dev Dixit

22 Sep 2018

I hear the Indian legal system is notorious slow, so expect this to drag on for years.

He (Virendra Dev Dixit) is still untraceable

Re: The BKs are finished

14 Jun 2018

One BK finds a non-BK girl who was suffering from depression. He helped her to overcome it by giving her the courses being taught in the BKs. In the process, he fell in love with the girl and decided to plan a settled life. He proposed to her and she agreed. To lead a clean and vice free life, he as...

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

13 Mar 2018

No, the Brahma Kumari cult won't end by 2036. Rather they will change the form of their business with new covers and whitewash their old claims. If asked by some one about their old teachings of 2000 or so, they will shut him/her his mouth saying he/she is weak soul. They will insult him/her to the ...

Re: Virendra Dev Dixit in trouble

02 Feb 2018

What are the Brahmakumaris saying on this .. will they accept that they are also giving the "hopeless" hopes to many for all those years?

What has the law to say for their hidden crimes, which may be worse than that of virendra dev dixit

Re: My induction, current status and what next?

21 Sep 2017

Welcome to the forum O_Relly I am from India. I was in the BKs for 15 long years. I joined the group in my youth, i.e at 25 and their teachings inspired me to live a celibate life so I decided to remain Kumar (which still I am). I spent the whole of my time in the BKs, but working to pay for my own ...

Re: One more down - Brahma Kumaris cult should learn some le

31 Aug 2017

What Brahmakumaris relates to this?

Re: Some question regarding BK experience

23 Aug 2017

If the BK God is the universal God, and God of all religions, then why an individual who does the BK meditation ultimately falls into the web of BK leaders? He becomes no where in the world even if decides to accept the universal GOD as the point of light. If not in the cult, he left alone and separ...

Re: Some question regarding BK experience

18 Aug 2017

Mr. Green wrote:The meditation is not so bad it's the Gyan that kills ya

True ... but doing BK meditation ultimately pulls you to BK Gyan and BK leadership and ultimately stuck you in ridiculous Shrimat.

Better follow any other meditation.

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