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Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

27 Jun 2022

Many old BKs are now in their 50+ are wandering here and there. They are out of the belief of 5000 years cycle and the establishment of deity kingdom by 2036. Those who are staying at the centres or in Madhuban are just managing with the stupidity as they know they will be nowhere if they come out s...

Re: Murli points on Destruction

20 May 2022

Baba's prediction is coming close

If the prediction is right then by this time you (sincere BKs) should be in the divine womb with upcoming deity body. And we, the shudras, should be in Paramdham in soul form.

We are very much beyond the years predicted by Baba!!!

Re: Murli points on Destruction

17 May 2022

Who is this and what is their sales pitch? Seems to be they separated from the BKs with a very bitter taste in mouth. Seems they are revolutionaries against the BK Management. However, it looks that they are quite sure that Baba has now taken a third Chariot. Her Name is Devki located in Raipur, Ch...

Re: Murli points on Destruction

14 May 2022

Yes, it is. The older BKs are now well known about this excuse, so they hook new adherents to keep running their business. The older BKs if change themselves according to their system are safe, otherwise ignored and eventually get out of the centres (stop going to classes and events). But they do no...

Re: Murli points on Destruction

09 May 2022

we predicted that they would change it to a "100 years of Brahma", starting in 1969, a long time ago. Like you say, that would stretch the business until 2069, or another 47 years, by which time they can change The Knowledge and destroy the past all over again. Again, that is their busine...

BK Pratibha Missing

24 Nov 2021

BK Pratibha, Aligarh, UP, India. Aged 55 Years. Missing since 1 week. Suffering from Depression. Moving in here and there alone.

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

31 Aug 2021

Even she does not want to see otherwise happy in his life because she irritate and jealous. Sometimes her behaviour is very rude and impractical. This is not only about Shivani. It's true about almost all in-charge Sisters. Strangely people stick to them in order to achieve future Golden Age status...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

23 Mar 2021

So, all set now. Get ready to meet baap Dada again in new Chariot as guessed before.

On 22.3.2021, Baapdada re-entered in new Chariot (Sister Vedanti) along with Dadi Gulzar. Dadi Gulzar Bhog Message. See from 11:20 onwards

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

22 Mar 2021

As long as they manage to hook new adherents they won’t mind in stating all this "end of world" Gyan to the new comers. In the initial 2-4 years of their BK birth, the newcomers don’t bother much about the Gyan which is being injected into their minds by senior BKs as they enjoy their Hone...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

20 Mar 2021

Parmeshwar, where to BKs congregate and discuss matters on the internet these days? Do they have their own forums, or is it all on Facebook etc? I was surprise they were allowed to engage with such social medias. You can see them destruction-or-transformation Their official forum https://www.brahma...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

19 Mar 2021

have you heard of any internal reactions? Well, I am no more a regular student and I can only presume what’s going inside the BK centre as per the talks with my friends, who still are regular students and some classes uploaded on the youtube. However, I can point out following personal views. 1. Th...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

15 Mar 2021

I remember a class by Sr. RajYoga Teacher Usha Didi who very confidently said that the Chariot will last till the end of The Cycle and remain with us (Brahmins) to encourage and boost the purusharth of all new and old Brahmin souls. This is yet again deceiving statements by Seniors. I expect unlike ...

Re: Drama of Deception Continues

27 Oct 2020

Who knows? Perhaps may be the smiley has come up with the deception of eow stories by sweet BK Sisters, abandoned his family, friends and surrendered his wealth and career just to achieve this photo. (Seems he himself has taken the selfie). Oh yes, he is gonna get a very high status in coming golden...

Re: Brahma Kumaris: Destroying Families, Disturbing Family L

08 Oct 2020

While teaching a 7th std kid during the lock-down period I find a lesson in his book. And being BK organisation known to me, I resembled it with BKs for proper understanding of kid :D :D Parasite A parasite is an animal that lives on or within another animal (referred to as the host animal). A paras...

Re: Brahma Kumaris concept of ego

12 Feb 2020

arvind.giri does not seems to be pukka BK because he goes on arguing and arguing. Baba’s Shrimat clearly says that you not need to argue anyone and many times it comes in headlines of Murli Secondly regarding rape case, why does arvind.giri not become sakshi as he clearly know that "it’s her pa...

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