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Re: Hello from a new ex

20 Jan 2010

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement :D. Separation from the BKs has been surprisingly easy now that a final decision has been made.

Re: My relationship with God now

15 Jan 2010

gumbowumbo wrote:A second thought is that as long as one struggles with BK-beliefs, one cannot be free of them. Like supporting health is more important than fighting illness. I try to live in peace with my past. Wounds become scars.

This is great advice :D

Hello from a new ex

14 Jan 2010

Hello, I write this post a little heavy hearted this morning. Today I have decided never to have anything to do with my local BK centre again. This has been a decision a long time coming and one that unsettles me on one hand but feels right on the other. I have been attending my local centre for abo...

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