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Truth searching for TRUTH

10 Mar 2007

Dear Bro. Arjun, Shiv Sena, John, Bansy & all other Souls in this Form, Om Shanti, I like to share my experience and I need your opinion. I am a BK Kumar, 8 years in Gyan. I have strong faith in Shiva Baba & BB & Mama(Om Radhey). I respect Dadis and all Sr. Faculties. I do Baba's service...

For tips to Remember - Why we should not refer Avyakt Vani

02 Mar 2007

During Avyakt Vani (live), BapDada himself gives commentary or points to do drill.

So we can follow that because that is 100% truth.

Latest and Live with proof.

Please reply.


01 Mar 2007

Yes, I agree with current discussions if BapDada answers then all problems will be solved because all the BK + PBK hears and obeys Avyakt BapDada. Upto the 90s there was personal meeting / group-wise meeting with BapDada. Now Family is increased, so no Personal meet except Dadi/Senior Brothers for s...

Most beloved Shiva's presence in Sakar

27 Feb 2007

Dear Arjun Bhai, Sister Bansy, & other souls, Thanks to all for replying to my post. Let me say openly that I am not addicted to BK or PBK or ex-BK etc. etc. But I love my Baba Shiv Baba & follow Brahma who is having good wishes about his children to become Bapsaman. I do not hate any one. A...

How to recognise that God Father Shiva's Presence in PBK?

26 Feb 2007

Dear Bro., I have lot of questions in mind , I know the PBK knowledge clearly 1. Gods attribute is not only OCEAN OF KNOWLEDGE , If your questions/doubts in Gyan are answered (both satisfied/dissatisfied) even based on Murli then can we say God's presence? 2. through Brahma Baba, God Father Shiva ha...

What is the aim of the PBKs? How is it different from BKs?

24 Feb 2007

What is the aim of the PBKs? How is it different from BKs?

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