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Brahma Kumari followers on Facebook

31 Oct 2013

Dear Admin, I wanted to contact you but did not see any "Contact Admin" button ... so I am posting here. It will be very helpful if there could be such a button. I went to BK center out of curiosity and found that it is utter nonsense. But I went through some of their courses and involved ...

Bap Dada Dancing !!!

10 Oct 2010

Have You seen this?? Bap Dada Dancing !! Lol, I kept it on youtube tooooo !!

Check it at : Njoy !!

if you want to see anyone else's dance ... pls let me know ... I will upload :).

Re: Is it right to eat plants?

01 Oct 2010

May be plants "feel" and "think" in a manner that is not comprehensible to us ... When the cow goes "moooooo" we do not understand what it means ... but its calf responds. Similarly, just because plants to do not go "moooooo" it doesnt mean they do not feel a...

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