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16 Jan 2008

Very, very worthy question, and I can only answer from a personal point of view. Hi everyone, I am still around, still think of you all, and still check in everyday to see what you are all up to and mentally send my love to you all. I don't forget my friends. The kids and I are doing really well now...

03 Nov 2007

Personally I think it is about time that the BK org started doing what they preach. NON-ATTACHMENT i.e. no money, no material assets, give it all away now. How else are they supposed to have pure souls if they continue to amass wealth by open and deceptive means? Not to mention take over bids of dom...

27 Sep 2007

What a pity my Shudra Mississipi Mud Cake (complete with whisky) has no place in the alokik world ... perfect match for brownies.

20 Sep 2007

Annual Report 2006-7 Global Hospital and Research centre Mt Abu. Please note cytology and histology available, acutal oncology??? ... 200607.pdf

27 Aug 2007

Hello Lalita, An interesting slant on death and the dying process. I cannot say after 28 years of nursing and caring for those who are dying and have passed on that I have seen this ecstatic exiting of this life. I have found that many prefer to have someone with them, to hold their hand and to care...

16 Aug 2007

Hey Mr Green, I would love to hear some of your stuff, maybe even teach me a few new riffs. Keep smiling sunshine ...


An enlightened soul?

04 Aug 2007

Today I had a visit from an old friend (male) who i have known for years. First from him since my breakup and I found out a very interesting aspect of this person. He was fully aware of entities and the devastating effect of the sort of sociopathic behaviour akin to the BKs through his own experienc...

29 Jul 2007

Thank you all for your answers. Very caring, thank you. Please correct me if I am wrong but is not the teaching to become detached from all others and only love God? To me (and once again I am trying to clarify this) to give all of oneself to another and not maintain one's own individuality is an un...

28 Jul 2007

I am really sorry, this whole concept is one which I just don't understand no matter how hard I try and would very much appreciate if someone could explain it to me in a simple and logical manner. How can a person be detached and loving? To a non-BK person, someone has to have some caring or concern...

25 Jul 2007

Happy birthday Adrikisoul!

Ex-I, you are a rainbow of course! Not white like Abek and I. Do you have the pot of gold at the end?

24 Jul 2007

Hi everyone, I am still around! It is amazing that the longer I spend living away from the BK world and its influences the more I realise how twisted and depraved the thinking is. It is simply sick, really sick. I read some of these posts with a new wonderment and horror that these ideas are embrace...

09 Jul 2007

Analyse that? Easy, its BK BS. :roll: Ho Hum. Need to put my Wellington boots on to wade through it. No, but seriously, the opposite way of thinking (i.e. mine :D and all of us other new souls out there) is that a well grounded, wise, balanced spiritual person is an 'old' soul. One who has had many ...

08 Jul 2007

Hello dear Adi, the book is Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking, the website is . There is a link there that shows the world wide editors in case you have trouble finding the book. I think the basis of the book is we know when we are compelled to do something and continue doing it, e...

07 Jul 2007

Hugs to you Adrikarisoul, I hope what I say here is appropriate, and I never have been in your position of leaving the BKs. I have, however, been in the position of a great loss and redirection that puts me in a place of feeling lost, alienated and my whole future, which was built (I thought) on roc...

28 Jun 2007

Just thought I would let you all know, neither my mother, my son nor myself have had any more disturbances in the house since he left over a month ago. There was a residual 'feeling' of unsettledness and uncomfortableness that would catch me unaware for about a week but then, nothing. Everything set...

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