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Re: How much money does the BKWSU have? How much yearly income?

08 Apr 2010

One can compute the average operating cost of a centre by the sq-ft that it occupies. I am a regular visitor of ISKON at Watford. I've never felt uninvited or scorned upon. However, the 2 times I've been to the centre in Dollis Hill, it was a feeling of "how come this lot are freeloading here&q...

Re: Audacity and the BKWSU

08 Apr 2010

Listen my love, Audacity, Get a life, kick it off. These dimwits cannot be so-o clever as to brainwash you so-o drastically. Get up and get on with it; join a gym, get a personal trainer, go for walks and smell the roses. Believe me, it is as simple as that. The reason I am here is because I love th...

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