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Re: I am Hanging

12 May 2010

Hi Kumar, I, too, am struggling with distancing myself from BK. I feel also that I could not give 100%. That I was not the 'full package' when it came to what they believe in. It is a difficult journey, I guess for a lot of people who come into BK from less than 'ideal' situations. It is hard enough...

I have a lot of doubts.

12 May 2010

Good morning everyone. I am currently attending BK at least twice a week, if not more when I can. I know after about a year and a half of my seperation I have completely changed as a person. Although, what happened to me before the seperation also changed me as a person. I found in the beginning tha...

Questioning myself and BK life.

09 May 2010

Hi guys, Om Shanti to you all. I am still questioning myself and my "mentor" in the BKWSU. I came out of a very abusive relatuionship (as it seems a lot of people have in, maybe, desperation). I have not been spiritual at all my entire life. I completed all courses to allow me to attend th...

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