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18 Dec 2007



05 Dec 2007

Please stop this way of expressing yourselves ... :( :(. It doesn't help any of us nor does it help the forum itself. If we are here it's because we're all "in the same boat" but we do have the right to have different opinions and ideas about the BKWSU policy and deeds. If we behave among ...

29 Nov 2007

1. YES
2. NO
3. YES

28 Nov 2007

Hi everyone, I found this topic extremely valuable and would like to share my opinion. As one could see from my posts, I did express in some of them a few strong negative opinions about the behaviour of some BKs and about their way and means. But I also wrote some appreciative things and shared with...

18 Sep 2007

Omshanti. This is where we differ from you. Although PBKs believe that Dada Lekhraj Brahma could not understand the depths of knowledge completely, he was definitely not mad. I think it is the usage of such words for Dada Lekhraj which puts off many BKs from participating in this forum. I know that...

07 Sep 2007

The Karma philosophy is one of the social stigmas that make a lot of people who they are, just because it is a dominate belief system within one of their social groups. How strange ... :shock:. Learning about the Law of Karma has been and still is for me something greatly positive I received from B...

04 Sep 2007

You seem to always have given more preference to the external thing, how many yers in Gyan, where have you been living etc. In the Murlis Baba has said that even far away we are in the familly, it is a matter of where you are with your interest, intellect. I have had long enough experiences with BK...

Problems with Alcohol, Over-eating, Drugs after leaving Gyan

26 Jul 2007

Good morning to all. I've got an urgent question; Did any of you during the recovering-past BK phase ever fall in the trap of alcohol, "binge eating" (overeating) or taking light drugs like hashish, marjuana. And if the case what did help you and how did you get over it? As for myself I am...

24 Jul 2007

If your birthday is on ... July 15th - July 25th = Yellow *YELLOW* You are sweet and innocent. Trusted by many people, and have strong leadership towards relationships. You make good decision and make the right choice at the right time and always dreaming of romantic relationship. Thank you Arjun, ...

17 Jul 2007

During my first time in Madhuban I met a Sister from Latin America. She had been in Gyan since a few months, like myself. Shortly before she became a BK she found out she had cancer and only 3-4 months left to live. She became a vegetarian, she started meditation and following Shrimat. After 3 month...

13 Jul 2007

:o Who ever is in charge of whichever zone, they should not have the feeling that this is MY zone or area. Instead they should feel that it is Shiv Baba's zone or area. Yes, this definitely is the way IT SHOULD BE but it's not like that at all! :(. I, personally, witnessed many opposite and nauseat...

11 Jul 2007

Hello Earl,

welcome to the Forum.

08 Jul 2007

Dear ex-l, Jud, Abek, Alladin, Pilatus, Joel, Paul and Di, Thank you for your care and for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me. I went through all your messages several times and in each and every of them I found some of that TRUTH that could possibly heal my hurting self. You know I hate ...

06 Jul 2007

Dear ex-l, thank you for your last message. I found your words and thoughts always very clear and sharp. I spoke to my partner about the forum but he doesn't want to join it because, for him, it is better (he says) to CANCEL completely from his mind and his life anything that has to do with BK. And ...

06 Jul 2007

Thanks ex-l, Joel, Paul + all for writing back to me either on the Forum or privately. All your sharing and suggestions are helpful and I'll do my best to follow them. I admire those of you who managed to break away completely from the BK system and are now experiencing a new fulfilling life but thi...

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