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The 7 Myths of Love: What does love mean to a BK?

09 Nov 2010

What does love mean to a BK? My partner has recently been to BK for the first time and despite returning and saying she does not want to become a member, she has begun reading a book by, Mike George called "7 Myths about Love". I understand Mike has BK connections and the book is about giv...

Re: Should I be worried?

02 Nov 2010

Yes, she is independent, strong, intelligent and knows her own mind but any pressure may get a stubborn reaction. Sometimes, she is very loving and caring but other times more quiet or withdrawn. She was withdrawn last night and this worries me after recent events. I am afraid to discuss BKs in case...

Should I be worried?

01 Nov 2010

My partner has just returned from a meditation retreat and says that is was peaceful and inspirational but will not become a member of BK. She says however, that she may return to do some courses such as Positive Thinking. During a conversation she says that she Loves me and we have a future togethe...

Taken In

28 Oct 2010

On first entry into BK how many people roughly are likely to be taken in by their beliefs or, return to further courses? How long could it take for someone to become a member or, it becomes a way of life for them?


28 Oct 2010

Yes, I am worried that she will seperate from me, family friends and will not be as affectionate.
swordofjustice wrote:It might not as bad as you think ... Is there something specific bothering you?


21 Oct 2010

My partner is about to attend Brahma Kumaris and I am at wits end! Could someone get in touch with me and offer advice and support by telephone? Thanks

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