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Re: The Secret-a must for all recovering souls

13 Feb 2009

What a shame that you are not reading the forum. You would be long ago relieved from all of the "hard time" symptoms. Catch up now, for God's sake, and start reading the previous posts for your own goodness. Also please find a good therapist who is an expert in helping ex-Cult members. Th...

The Secret - a must for all recovering souls

12 Feb 2009

Hi everyone, I just watched a documentary film called The Secret which I thought I would recommend you watch if you are really going through a hard time after leaving the BKs. I am going to watch it over and over again and try and apply some of the tools it recommends during the next 6 months to a y...

True Altruistic Service and True Spirituality at Grass Roots

07 Oct 2007

Hi everyone

Please go into this link and spare a few minutes to watch this video. It was really significant and moving for me!! I hope it brings some inspiration in your lives too.Regards

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