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28 Jul 2007

Haha machiel thanks!!! ... Well, my mom invited them over about two-three weeks ago, and they asked my mom to "balance her life out" and my dad was like, "no balancing ... either she chooses home or she chooses the BKs". We told them all about the lady who's in their group that's...

06 Jul 2007

It's all a bunch of BULL ****!!!!!!! ... and fools like my mother fall for it!

05 Jul 2007

Its funny how most of the time they give non-BKs, and specifically rich or well-off non-BKs, such things ... attraction ... bansy, next time i'll throw you the gold ... just cut off the red soul symbol and throw that away ... then you'll be really rich.

05 Jul 2007

Yeppp, real gold ring and a real gold chain ... at my party in India ... so my dad yelled at them for coming to a party when they're not invited ... and they attempted to hold my face up and stare into me and hypnotize me ... and kept telling me how I am so beautiful and bull **** like that ... then...

05 Jul 2007

That's what I mean ... they take advantage ... give people golden stuff to make them feel very important, take control of their weak side and make them feel that the entire world is against them, whereas the BKs are for them ... This is what they did with Pratibha ... gave her a gold crown ... made ...

05 Jul 2007

Yeah, she definitely hesitated ... so i really think she is still confused about whether she wants to do it or not ... by the way ... two weeks ago, i was eating her favorite ice cream and she ate it and then afterwards asked me if there's egg in it ... and i said yes even though i didnt check ... b...

27 Jun 2007

Thanks for the welcome back ...

26 Jun 2007

You guys ... I overheard my mom talking on the phone with that Naina lady ... and my mom was telling her how me and her had a fight and shyt ... Well, Naina lady was like, "it doesn't matter ... you still want to surrender, right?" ... and my mom hesitated and then said, "Yes ..."...

26 Jun 2007

Conjecture is that the "handover" will be a purely peaceful matter, with the BKs being seen as the best leadership option given the circumstances, no doubt dire, that India will be in at the time. What better way to 'hijack' a political party or government than by cultivating a few of its...

26 Jun 2007

Pratibha believes in spirits

Check that link out!!!!!!!! My grandfather and best friend also told me after they watched the news today at 1pm that she's now claiming that she doesnt BELIEVE in BKs, but that it was just a one time incident! Hahaha.

India's running lady president = BK

26 Jun 2007

Pratibha believes in spirits? You guys, check that link out! it's hot news on the Hindu and Gujarati news!!! 27 Jun, 2007 NEW Delhi: UPA-Left presidential nominee Pratibha Patil continues to be besieged by controversies with yet another facet of her personality being revealed this time, of a mystic...

18 May 2007

Thank you arjun ... i will show that to my mom soon.

15 May 2007

I am back everyone!!! Sorry, got real real busyyyyy.

But back again ... anything new??? Have you guys seen the scientology thing on the news/television?? Well ... I've got some plans ... but I'll private message them to you all !!! do not want any BKs reading up on them!!!!

04 May 2007

i have access to jstor!!! will definitely check it out for you exBK1

03 May 2007

Oh definitely, I am sure the idea is not original and that the BKs instilled that into her head along with all the other nonsense. Right now it's the same thing ... but now the kids have stopped asking her to take them anywhere ... like my Sister wants to go shopping this weekend and she immediatel...

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