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A few questions for 'teachers' of the 7 Day Course

15 Jul 2007

Some of the questions I would like to ask veteran BKs or those who give the 7 day course would be the following: 1. Do you ever tell students about the child abuse cover up (no different from any other religion) from quite recently and advise them to give eromain’s epic a jolly good read before they...

07 Jul 2007

Have been corresponding with a veteran BK recently. I sent him/her the following: "I detect from your email and from limited contact with the BK's a sense of 'circling of the wagons' within the movement. Is it loyalty? Do you think that after 30 years (half a lifetime) of being affiliated to th...

04 Jul 2007

I wiould have thought it would make more sense for God to either be truthful as to the population figure or just not even mention it at all. Spoofing or lying is ungodly.

04 Jul 2007

So GOD tells LIES??? Is that it Arjun???

03 Jul 2007

The whole BK edifice collapses on the population question (never mind the ridiculously short cycle – they haven’t got a single reputable amateur scientist to back up their 5,000 year claim). The facts are as follows: The deity (or whatever it is) instructed (back in 1936 approx.) the movement to dr...

23 Jun 2007

The obvious conclusion is this - The Bible is full of trivia, attrocities, absurdities, inconsistencies and contradictions ... it is clearly not the word of a loving and all-powerful God, but of men. So is the Koran. And all the other so-called Godly inspired books. ... and so are the Murlis.

23 Jun 2007

The BKs are beginning to look real, real sad at the moment. Imagine having to change “Godly knowledge” because it turned out to be false. How utterly pathetic and embarrassing. How can existing members delude themselves into still accepting the whole sorry doctrine? If any BKs visit this site, surel...

World population continues to grow ... BKWSU is aghast

13 Apr 2007

According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Bureau of the Census, the total population of the World, projected to 04/13/07 at 07:26 GMT (EST+5) is; 6,588,455,803 This figure is clearly over inflated as the BKWSU have been promoting a figure of 5 to 5.5 billion since the 1930's unless one al...
jim brady

11 Mar 2007


I don't suppose you got an apology ???

Or do Seniors do apologies?????
jim brady

23 Nov 2006

1976 - 4.266 billion 2006 - 6.666 billion According to the BK's we should be well into the Golden Age at this stage, nuclear oblivion a distant memory, and all the Dadis and Didis should be poncing up and down the catwalks of Bharat flaunting exquisite sparkling outfits bedecked with the finest of j...
jim brady

23 Nov 2006

Push your friend further on the population issue. Check out the following forum on this site: “Now just a minute there” and you’ll find a link to a picture provided by ex-l ( a sterling contributor to this site ). Enlarge it and you will see the 5 billion max figure. This picture was designed and pu...
jim brady

22 Nov 2006

Ask your friend the following question: Why does the BKWS UNIVERSITY (no less) state that the maximum world population is 5 billion souls (as stated by none other than God himself in numerous Murlis) which is in stark contradiction with present estimates of 6.2 / 6.3 billions. This one startling and...
jim brady

26 Sep 2006


You cannot beat the classic 7 day course ... aka ... "get em in and blow em out fast ... or "give it to them right between the eyes" ... or ... "time is short, there's no need to pussyfoot around"!
jim brady

25 Sep 2006

Is there any way this forum as a collective can put questions to senior BKs for explaination and have it documented? I don’t think any approach to the Seniors is likely to bring a result. It is devilishly difficult to get answers from the hierarchy. Many years ago I wrote a lengthy piece to London....
jim brady

22 Sep 2006

I remember quizzing Sudesh about the 1976 fiasco. The most convoluted explanation was given. It sounded reasonably plausible at the time but I was made to feel that it was wrong to question apparent anomalies or discrepancies or controversies or things that might put doubts in the minds of newcomers...

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