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Re: Meditation and Orgasm

01 Aug 2011

From my person, as a person who has experienced pre-BK orgasm, BK Meditation and post-BK orgasm/kundalini, I would rate them as follows in intensity of pleasure and longevity. On a log scale (base 10): Regular Orgasm = 1 on lower side, 2-average, 3- maximum. BK Meditation = 4 on bad days, 6 average,...

Re: Gandharva Vivah (Yagya Marriage)

29 Jul 2011

According to the Wikipedia, Gandharva Vivah is marriage against the wishes of their families. Gandharva Vivaha: However when a man and a woman marry with each others consent but may not have the consent of their family then this wedding is called Gandharva Vivah or 'love marriage'. Another example o...

Re: Who is Shiv Baba?

27 Jul 2011

I sometimes wonder, maybe God was playing a trick with us all along to take us through a certain path. Philosophical books talk about God as being the trickster. It is possible that the whole of BK thing was to give us one kind of an experience that is hard without tricking us (after all, adopting c...

Re: Who is Shiv Baba?

26 Jul 2011

Yes. I did meet several gurus as I kept tagging along with relatives after leaving BK. I actually don't have too much to complain about the BKs. The Knowledge is wrong and all, but at least they helped me when I desperately needed some support and was depressed and was getting suicidal thoughts. My ...

Who is Shiv Baba?

24 Jul 2011

Hello, I was associated deeply with the BKs for 11 years 1995-2006. Later I left it because I moved to a stage where my Kundalini started ascending and I experienced a bigger and more powerful GOD. God made me realize that the "knowledge" is actually not correct. But, I am still baffled as...

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