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Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

11 Aug 2019

Guptarail re the ‘Dadi Janki study in Texas’ the actualities of that occurrence, well ... the story behind the story, is on full reveal at ''THE MOST STABLE MIND' RESOLUTION.

Worth a darshan!

Re: Are the BKs Knocking On The Devil's Door?

24 Mar 2019

Lekhraj Kirpalani was an infamous cinema goer and highly susceptible to its influence. We know this from the accounts of his life, his personal and cultural influences (inspiring him to get married, which he deeply regreted afterwards... And, yes, in the Murli of June 27 2014, Baba tells how how he...

Re: First Chinese to join BKWSU in 1979

03 Sep 2017

Hello Whisperer and ex-l. Just to mention 1976 Destruction Reference from BK Publication as 1976 according to God Shiva. And yes 1986 was also talked about as you say. Link to which says: The BKWSU publication 'The World Renewal' promised a 1976 Destru...

Re: First Chinese to join BKWSU in 1979

30 Aug 2017

One thing Whisperer. Brahma Baba/Shiva Baba predicted Destruction coming in 1976 not 1986 as you say in video. Though others in BK group predicted 1986, and other years too. 2012 was advertised in BK programs on Indian TV as 'The End,or a New Beginning".

Re: Anyone from Australia on here?

23 May 2017

In Australia BK leader Charlie Hogg presented new public service model of new BK system in Austrelia. Quite funny write up on

You should click on topic called BK Sub-Units to read.

Re: Buy land ... They’re not making it any more.

11 Feb 2017

Mr Green, can I say that governments in countries where religious freedom is guaranteed, in my opinion, do not wish to proceed against religions/cults etc on any grounds except widespread sexual misconduct or financial bad management/stealing.

Re: Origins of BK meditation

08 Dec 2016

Can I say key matter in above printed item at top is that 'Prajapati Brahma INCARNATES' into L.K. Kripalani, such was belief of early devotees I would say. Many documents make clear along these lines. Somehow, and this must be biggest mystery, after 20 year period or more, and with Brother Jagdish j...

Re: Origins of BK meditation

07 Dec 2016

They are mostly on this site... and all are at and visit for good commentary on BK culture of great interest.

Re: BK Trustee falsifying Professional Status (again)

27 Nov 2016

I observe this post has been removed from site. But another posting is there instead.

New post gives similar informations, but better hides identity of person I would say.

Re: BK Surya - Entire World to Become a Mental Hospital

16 Oct 2016

Gulzar Dadi age is not 79 years. Gulzar Dadi age is 88-89 years. Thanking you.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

01 Oct 2016

Below is part of interview with Sister Denise on a BK online program called 'Seeing Into Being' , talking about destruction of BK itself. Is one of a collection of posts on the topic at BK Eric (interviewer) is BK follower in charge Montreal Centre. He is obedi...

Re: BKs Sister Jayanti ... more Destruction revisionism

21 Sep 2016

bkti-pit says true. To read this topic is disturbing in Eugene's report. This attitude continues to this day, but on other topics.

Re: Related to my life

19 Jul 2016

Hello. I thought you might be interested in BK Shivani Didi speaking on Destruction but not quite as BaapDada say. Also BaapDada piece on Destruction from World Renewal as per Jagdishbhai and Nirwairbhai. This item was posted on and is still there. BK SHIVANI...

Re: Orlando 2016: Brahma Kumaris and Homosexuality

13 Jun 2016

A small group of gay BKs, since retired from active service, held 2 retreats for gay community at Leura retreat centre 15 years ago. Now East Sydney Centre, run by intelligent Germans Conny and Florian, have weekly classes for LGBT community run by Sydney Gay Community.

Re: BKs use Texas University Claim Again

23 Mar 2016

Hello there. Perhaps more clarity on topic can come from short report by Dr Karen Naifeh of Langley Porter Inst. where Dadi tests were made. Report is ' Psychophysiologic Measure on Dadi Janki ' Report was sent by BK Australia Muslim lawyer, colourful Ms Zali Burrows well known for representing bike...

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