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Taped speeches of Lekhraj Kripalani.

03 Apr 2013

Is there a link to the taped speeches of Lekhraj Kripalani?


29 Apr 2012

Hi all, I have a family member who attends the Brahma Kumaris everyday. In the whole family, he is the only one that goes. What I find a little uneasy is when they say that 'Bhakti' or devotion is wrong and only knowledge is right. If I am correct, whenever I see the way they conduct their programme...

Re: The Veracity of Mediumship within the BKWSU

24 Apr 2012

Desi According to BK It is in the nature of the Drama that souls become impure as they identify with their bodies, and all that goes with that, as The Cycle of Time continues. God is not the Creator of all, according to BK, but knowledge given by God and link in Yoga with that Supreme Soul give the...

Re: The Veracity of Mediumship within the BKWSU

23 Apr 2012

My question with this is a simple one...if God created pure souls then why did they become impure. If they became impure then if he is the creator of all, then he is also the cause behind the impurity?

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