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22 Jun 2007

Than you abrahma Kumar, mr. green and all of you. I can see clearly now and it is so horrible to realize how fool I was. Thank god I found this supporting forum to know more about this organization. Please continue to post the information that you know. And maybe the people who participate in other ...

17 Jun 2007

Thanks Paul I would like someone who knows the truth about that incident to post a message. I am sure that there are more people who know something about the situations that happened or have been happening in Brahma Kumaris Germany. I encourage the people who visit this site to post what they know, ...

Germany's incidents

06 Jun 2007

Hello everybody!! I am new in this forum. Of course, I am ex-BK. A friend of mine, also an ex-BK, told me that there were some students from Brahma Kumaris - Germany, that had the intention to create a center aside the legal one because they did not agree on the topic of celibacy. He told me that pe...

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