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Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

13 Jul 2012

We have to go beyond the compulsion to believe and belong, it is the religion urge! I wonder if we could function if we went right to the other extreme and did not believe in anything or belong to anything? I think we should be conscious of what we are believing and what we are belonging to and kno...

Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

29 Jun 2012

I've always been interested in ETs and thoughts of global transformation. I don't really know why. I temporarily parked my ET interest whilst in the BKs but it re-emerged when I watched the Disclosure Project. The evidence renewed my interest and I began to...

Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

23 Jun 2012

I think there are both, that is positive and negative beings in this physical realm, human and non-human, and positive and negative beings in other realms that can interact with this one. I think in the past they may have all been seen as angels and demons, and today they are more likely to all be s...

Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

22 Jun 2012

... So, if you consider there is a god spirit or spirits behind the BKs, are they of the same order as these ETs you are talking about? Are they working in collusion? The Allies material says that negative ETs heavily influence the mental environment and this warps originally good intentions into s...

Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

21 Jun 2012

I agree about it fundamentally being another revelatory teaching itself. But within that there are some interesting ideas. And, yes, I think the BKs may be being used as part of a pacification programme. I went back to the Global Retreat Centre in Oxford a little while ago after a long absence with ...

Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

20 Jun 2012

Yes, I've seen the film :-). I am probably still favouring the misguided altruism angle rather than conspiracy in relation to the BKs. But after reading the Allies of Humanity information , the BKs do seem to fit into the description of the pacification programme. The problem with scientific musings...

Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

15 Jun 2012

Don't you want to know if we have been visited by ETs? Don't you think that would be an important discovery? Don't you want to know why alternative technology has been suppressed and our unnecessary dependence on fossil fuels is being maintained to the detriment of the planet? I don't think this sho...

Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

15 Jun 2012

There is not anything inherently religious about the UFO/ET phenomena. It can be experienced and investigated in a totally non-religious way. A lot of effort has been put in to make people think it is an irrational topic. National Policy Of Debunking UFOs Began With The Robertson Panel "The US ...

Re: An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

13 Jun 2012

You could be spot on with your characterisation of how the BKs would respond :-) I am presuming you haven't explored the physical evidence for UFOs? I think it is a very rational conclusion that ETs are visiting and not an act of faith. When I was a BK I did not believe in ETS but it was the evidenc...

An unusual way to show that the BKs are wrong

12 Jun 2012

BKs don't believe in ETs and UFOs because BK philosophy is totally human- and earth-centric. The Murlis say there are no civilisations out there and the sun and the moon are just the lights for the stage and if people see lights in the sky then its your angelic form giving them visions etc etc. So h...

Marxist spirituality

07 Jun 2012

So many spiritual teachings respond to the reality of negativity and suffering in the world in one or more of the following ways: Ignore it, don't put your attention on it and it will go away and/or not effect you It's not really negative and it's not really suffering, it only appears that way from ...

Forget ascension, celebrate the separation

08 May 2012

Ascension Addiction Confessions of an Ascension Theology addict Consciousness is experiencing itself as a practically infinite number of separate conscious entities for a reason. Consciousness is exploring all possibilities of its existence and it's creative potential. We, the separated individual ...

Inner knowing is no better than holding a religious belief

02 May 2012

Belief and faith used to be held in quite high esteem, then came along science, reason and the rationalists. Nowadays belief and faith are often seen in a lesser light, almost synonymous for some to superstition, gullibility and irrationality. Religion is a bit stuck with the belief/faith thing and ...

Re: Conspiracy or misguided altruism?

01 May 2012

So what is it that traps us? One of the things ex-cult therapists often says is that cult members are often of a slightly higher than average intelligence ... suggesting that this is part of how they were able to be trapped. I am not sure how. I like the idea that the fact I was caught up in it cou...

Re: here we go again. ! is it time to get off the roller Confluence Age

26 Apr 2012

Sounds like you're ready to move on?

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