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Re: What is this forum about? 2011 Review

18 Jul 2011

Hi, very often, when I come to this forum, and daily I see post by yourself, and you have said, we are 'out' and are here to help you get it out of your system, but me thinks that you are obsessed with them, the BKs. You cannot get them out of you thoughts. I have left and do not even open your Dail...


26 Apr 2009

What you are saying is that there were no human beings in India before the negritos, it was a barren land, without human life. Hogwash ...

uddhava wrote:Here is one theory, unfortunately no pictures ... THE ORIGIN OF RACES IN India

13 Jan 2008

Om Shanti. Thank you for the welcome. i must say that Brother Khem is not the Brother i am speaking of.

Br Khem is a true divine soul. He is a genuine soul.


12 Jan 2008

Om Shanti. Since my last post new info about the BKs has come to my attention. In May/June Dadi JANKI visited TRINIDAD. It was said that the visit was arranged on short notice. The real reason was concealed . The visited was to speak to the head Brother in Trinidad, as he was reported to have threat...

11 Oct 2007

Thanks for your kind word's from all of you souls/bodies/whatever. I left because the very things that they preach are not practicing. I simply could not stay and be in the lie. I do continue to read, the books etc that i have and listen to the songs. I do not go to classes. In Trinidad there is a S...

10 Oct 2007

I started in Gyan about seven years ago. At that time the meditation, and knowledge was new and interesting. However, as time progess, I began to get closer to the soul that were in the center. I found that there were some who have control over different things and were attached to those things; no...

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