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Re: BK member for five years

15 Jan 2014

This forum has witnessed the appearence of newcomers, who try to gain acceptance by claimig that they are "exiting BKs", "questioning BK", or even "ëx BKs" ... It would not take long before their true faith and face become exposed, no matter how hard they try to hide it...

Re: Visions of Brahma Baba & Shiv Baba lend support to BK tr

25 Dec 2013

If certain Vision is not a predictive one, with eventual matching details, then how could it be distinquished and separated from, a day dream, night dream or even a nightmare ..?!

Re: Visions of Brahma Baba & Shiv Baba lend support to BK tr

24 Dec 2013

I believe the so called "Vision", in spiritual terms, may be the produce of one of the following : Self Hypnosis ... psychopathy disorder ... or unexplained paranormal phenomena. Meditation is a form of self-hypnosis, where imagination and fantasy have no limits. Psychopathy disorder is an...

Re: BK cult is planning to invade ... Iran

15 Dec 2013

News Agencies,


Iran : Second monkey sent into space


And the third Monkey will be sent BACK to Mount Abu ... soon ..!!

Re: BK cult is planning to invade ... Iran

07 Dec 2013

The Brahma Kumaris go very discreet about their activities and business, all over the World, and may be that is how they managed to survive through difficulties, over the years. With the blessings of Jayanti, the Kuwaiti lady made several trips to Iran to plant seeds of BK cult there, and started co...

BK cult is planning to invade ... Iran

05 Dec 2013

Apparently, BK cult is still in shortage of the reguired 900,000 "Golden Agers" nomber, and is desperate to achieve that before "Destruction of Earth" comes ... Would not be pitty to see "Heaven On Earth", with half empty golden palaces ? To achieve that, it appears the...


27 Nov 2013

You address yourself as "BK John", and you expect to be called a FRIEND ?!

Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

03 Aug 2013

BKs claim to acquire a supernatural Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) by telling "The Birth Cycle" of a particular individual. Whether it is 83, 84 or else, is a false claim to impress followers/ potential followers ...!! Do individuals carry "special indicators" on their foreheads ...

Re: Tea & Human Trafficking in India: 100,000 girls in Delhi

24 Jul 2013

Let the Drama take its course, there is nothing to do except be a watcher ...

A typical easy reply from the Brahma Kumaris to explain happinings in Life .!

If we attribute actions, accidents and even murders to "Karma", then why having courts of justice, penalties and punishments ..?!

Re: Clearernow Moreclearnow

18 Jul 2013

I wish moreclearnow will get to read this, somehow ... Ever since clearernow/morecleanow started writing and commenting in this forum, it was evident that he/she was here in a mission! ... A mission to defend the Brahma Kumaris cult, at any cost and under all circumstances, irrespective of any fact,...


16 Jul 2013

It appears to me that the term "CYCLE" is deep rooted into the Indian culture and life . During my visit to India, I heard the word "Cycle" repeated many times and in different occassions (out side BK terretories) ... In the hotel I was staying in, a Buffet dinner was included, a...

Re: Criticisms of Brahma Kumaris Info

04 Jul 2013

It just doesn't interest me to find out when the world started as past is not relevant for my present or future spiritual journey We are not talking about mere history, we are talking about scientefic facts in historical order, which in summary lead to demolishing BK 5000 year cycle myth, which is ...

Re: Criticisms of Brahma Kumaris Info

04 Jul 2013

Well, 5000 years is a possibility. I don't rule it out even if I sound stupid to you. But that doesn't mean there is a beginning and end to time. It's a cycle after all. There is a very intresting and scientefically based post in this forum called " Why I can not believe in the 5000 years cycl...

Re: Are cult awareness NGOs effective?

03 Jul 2013

Dany wrote:... some hiding behind fictitious names like : UNIVERSITY, CHURCH ... etc ?!

And most recently ... The Happy Cottage ...!!

Re: BK and corruption - really?

30 Jun 2013

enlightened, raistlin Deeply touching stories. Many thanks for sharing them. Hope those on their way to get trapped will benefit from them, and reconsider before they get further soaked into BK cult destructive teachings. Both experiences started at a very young age, which makes the exit more diffic...

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