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Re: Definition of cheating

23 Apr 2014


Re: Golden Age by 2036

07 Aug 2013

The dirty game by REAL & BIGGEST DIRTY PEOPLE goes on and on and on trapping many more emotional and sensitive God loving people. I was busy with some professional work and I nearly ended up my life and stopped doing everything after this disaster of meeting BK people and becoming a hardcore adh...

Re: Watching BapDada Milan (meeting with God) at local BK ce

22 Feb 2013

Although I agree Gulzar could just do the act under hypnosis by herself now ... and there was that strange confusion this season where she appeared to forget what she was doing and come back for a while .. WHAT WAS THAT ex-l ? Kindly elaborate this instance for all. mail2sundaree, I can only give m...

Re: Watching BapDada Milan (meeting with God) at local BK ce

18 Feb 2013

Amway is far far far better than this ******* cult brahmakumaris.

Re: Watching BapDada Milan (meeting with God) at local BK ce

08 Feb 2013

What am I trying to achieve: I just want to know if really God is speaking or just imposters with money/power wants to control the world. Be extremely and 100 percent sure that GOD is not at all speaking from Mount Abu, Rajasthan in India. It's a pity for those millions who feel that god is coming ...

Re: Notice to BKs

29 Jan 2013

My full support to what parmeshwar Bhai wrote. Admin please be very strict with BKs on this forum.

Re: Need new blood for your religion? Steal someone's child

28 Jan 2013

The BKs say they do this to "stop poor families from dumping their unwanted daughters on them".

Kindly give the exact reference where do they say this ? If proven would be great for me as my research work is going on very rapidly against this world's most dangerous cult. THX

Re: A letter from the future

14 Jan 2013

Dany, I have to say that this letter is true side of these sinner BKs.

Re: Sister Shivani

09 Jan 2013

BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!! thousand times I will tell you not to go to them at all. I am a victim of these people. They will kill you mentally and make your life worse than a hell. do not do it. Please avoid them strictly at all the cost.

Horrible Avyakt Murli

16 Dec 2012

I was in a BK auditorium in one city of India last night, as I still go along with BKs and attend classes regularly, only to feel and realize how badly they cheat the innocent public. Once I was also one of those poor stupids who were doing, "wah wah with BapDada" last night, when a live s...

Re: End of The World ... One week to go !

14 Dec 2012

That is why they are number 1 destructive cult in my book. The most dangerous of all my friend ex.Brahma is no other than these ******* BKs.

Re: BKWSU's false Year 2000 Destruction prediction

23 Nov 2012

Kindly upload the audio file of the same somewhere and provide the link for reference. Thanks a lot parmeshwar Bhai.

Re: Predicted a Confluence Age of 40 years, celebrating 75 y

05 Nov 2012

Steal the mind of herd and do whatever you want is the art of BKs. Logic and common sense will cease. They have stolen the mind of adherents and enjoying and laughing at the foolishness of this herd.

Sheeps & Goats should be in control

04 Nov 2012

Wow, they just concluded some show for the sheeps & goats (2.11.2012) the show was a message of BapDada through Dadi Gulzar :). The scheduled programme was supposed to be held in Madhuban but, due to some injury to the Chariot (RATH), they are showing a meeting and experience of Dadi Gulzar and ...

Re: I want to become a Brahma Kumari

29 Oct 2012

They want all of your time, energy and thoughts from 4 am in the morning until 10 pm at night, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. They even want to control your dreams.

This is in a nutshell what these ******* people want from mankind. May God punish them badly.

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