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Re: Psychological problems after wife joins Brahma Kumaris

26 Feb 2013

Dear manojag22,

I hope things have calmed down for you and your family during this distressing time.

One thing to make sure you have is support for yourself and your children from friends and family, but make sure they are not dragged into helping your wife and certainly not the BK.

Stay strong.

Re: Gulzar, "Ours is not a religious organisation".

26 Feb 2013

According to the BK end of year accounts submitted to the UK Charity Commission, received on 29 Oct 2012, they are a religious organisation: BKWSU (UK) is a non-governmental, non-political, religious organisation that was established in 1975. The charity was constituted under a trust deed, dated 18t...

Re: BKWSU expands because "core is pure"

03 Nov 2012

Dear Clearernow, I deeply hope I am wrong about this, but there is something about the language in your posts which is triggering alarm bells for me. It sounds almost as if you are trying to reach a state of extreme bliss before taking your life. You talk of leaving and saying goodbye for one last t...

Re: Original 1940s Anti-Om Mandli Book found

11 Oct 2012

Well done ex-l for publishing this. Lekhraj certainly sounds like a dirty old man by todays standard's and if he were doing it now there would be a huge outcry, if not arrests. Unfortunately the BK are still successfully continuing his delusions today by breaking up families through their deceptions...

Re: Beware Destruction AGAIN!

29 Sep 2012

Hi saveyourlife, As ex-l and others have said before the numbers are arbitrary values, so place no reliance on them whatsoever. However, to help you move forward with this so you can focus your energies elsewhere I'll provide a mathematical answer to your question. The calculation is actually quite ...

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