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Re: Baba Milan

22 Mar 2013

I was surprised when I found people being pushy and loud, but I ignored it for their naivety. I did not feel the presence of God Almighty before me, but then it might be again my own lack of unity with God or the impurity of my thoughts. On reading this, I remember Amway scam. In Amway scam, the pe...

Re: Watching BapDada Milan (meeting with God) at local BK ce

24 Feb 2013

One of my relatives died last week. And on hearing this my friend said 'do not worry he (my relative) will be born somewhere in this earth on 16th day of his death'. We (Hindu) used to follow some event/ceremony on 16th day of death. I hear some people used to tell different stories for that 16th da...

Re: Watching BapDada Milan (meeting with God) at local BK ce

20 Feb 2013

So till now I did not get any reply from any current BKs regarding the proof. I got this answer from one of my friends "(1)WHY DO POLICE CARRY ID PROOF? SO THAT CITIZENS ARE NOT DUPED BY PEOPLE WHO POSE AS POLICE AND DUPE THE INNOCENT. (2) IF I SAY GOD DOES NOT CARE TO GIVE PROOF/SHOW ID, IT ME...

Re: Watching BapDada Milan (meeting with God) at local BK ce

13 Feb 2013

So can anyone please confirm that only Gulzar is speaking and not God. And I am wondering why they want to do this? I guess the answer will be - MONEY, MONEY, MONEY only. If any BK (current) reading this post - Can you please show me one little proof to believe that God is speaking? I am not asking ...

Watching BapDada Milan (meeting with God) at local BK center

04 Feb 2013

Saturday (Feb 02, 2013) I went to the BK center in my native (Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu) on my friend's insistence. He wanted me not to miss the class that day, and that was 'Bapadada Milan' from Shantivan at Abu Road broadcasted by 'Peace of Mind' channel (a new channel especially for the BK I guess)....

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

31 Jan 2013

Whatever was said about 5000 years concept by Lekhiraj/Gulzar or anyone who is talking at Madhuban, I doubt it was really the soul of God. If science can be accepted by proving, in the same way a newcomer (to BK) need some proof to believe the credibility of voice of God from Gulzar or whomsoever. W...

Re: Notice to BKs

30 Jan 2013

My friend dragged me to the Brahmakumaris center situated in my native (Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India). There the Sister in the class - was making fun of the people who were going to temple. I became very angry on hearing this. Before coming to the BK class, I went to temple. I just tolerated because...

How do I believe that God is speaking through Brahma Kumari?

22 Nov 2012

I am wondering how a "decades old organisation/university" couldnot answer/prove that God is speaking. People in Brahma Kumaris do not have one solid proof that God is speaking in all these years. someone replied that 'God is not a magician and it is not necessary to prove'. And some one e...

Re: Need reply

22 Nov 2012

About 8 years ago I visited Brahma Kumaris center and attended the 7 days course. My Friend recommended the same to me. I had many questions and asked them the same. But I was not satisfied by their answers. I have asked a question in ' ' - forum (in newcomer section). The ques...

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