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Re: Smonika and the "logic" of there being a Supreme Soul

24 Jan 2013

Ms. Janitor, when I had already mentioned the word "atheist" what was the point in wasting time over these statements: "The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses ... [religion is] a collection of honorable, but still primitive legends whic...

Smonika and the "logic" of there being a Supreme Soul

21 Jan 2013

"Typical, a BK joins the forum and the first thing they do is lie about their connection to the BKWSU. First and foremost of all. I am not a BK ... ma'm, a supporter of their ideology rather, who's been studying this spiritual knowledge for some time now. I accidently stumbled upon this forum ...

Re: Janki: Biggest Trophy or Biggest Hypocrite?

21 Jan 2013

I wud like to agree with patzuero. Humiliation(or even this acceptance that it IS a virtue worth inculcating in oneself) is a prerequisite for dis spiritual knowledge to do its work. Moreover had one experienced true soul-consciousness, he would not have gone so far in making such sacrelegious comme...

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