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Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

02 Mar 2023

Naval wrote: Help me to file a case against BK Shivani Verma, get me justice. She has harassed, exploited and oppressed me... For a case to be filed, a preliminary hearing takes place first which will decide if your case is sufficient to proceed, if there is a case to answer. You will need to list ...
Pink Panther

Re: Lekhraj married Om Radhe in 1953?

02 Mar 2023

My view is that it was just play acting, the BK culture is one big act. Such a "marriage" would have no more legal significance than when BKs do their crowning ceremonies with cardboard crowns.
Pink Panther

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

22 Feb 2023

In business it's called diversification of product. The BKs have "different products" to appeal to different "markets": - there is the "doomsday cult division" of course, those who'll emphasise the end of days/destruction/a coming paradise for those who struggle with th...
Pink Panther

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

12 Feb 2023

In Australia, UK, and many other nations there are strict rules about what can be done and shown on TV. Example 1. - pPrograms that have scenes with flashing lights or strobes are required to have a warning that it may affect some viewers, those with neurological conditions that mean they are prone ...
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Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

11 Feb 2023


Why do you think is Shivani focused on you rather than other more influential people?

Please reply clearly, and in brief, if you don't mind.
Pink Panther

Re: Jokes

10 Feb 2023

Three religious leaders share a table at an Ecumenical conference, [please fill in your own three but for now let's say it's] a rabbi, a Roman Catholic and an independent Pentecostalist. The discussion turns to fundraising & living expenses. The rabbi says, "We have a donation box. The gabb...
Pink Panther

Re: Good quotes

14 Jan 2023

Seneca quote.png

Re: Droupadi Murmu: BKs Land a New President

28 Dec 2022

The President of India is a non-executive president, their role is to ensure the executive government does not breach the Constitution and their only real power is to dismiss a government that they deem has done so. The role is similar to a constitutional monarch. In many ex-British Empire/Commonwea...

Re: Droupadi Murmu: BKs Land a New President

15 Dec 2022

then India will rise again

MIGA - Make India Great Again?

It seems the the rise of Hindu nationalism continues, becoming more institutionalised. That's a worry
Pink Panther

Re: New forum for BK/PBK followers

05 Dec 2022

There are Total members 4519 who've signed up since this site was launched - but very few will be active. Most are passive readers, some will be be posting stuff for a short time then moving on in life. You can see on the Forum topics listing how many views any thread has had.
Pink Panther

Re: The Story of Virendra Dev Dixit

22 Nov 2022

All the best grifts, con tricks, rely on the consent of the mark, the victim. The world is currently experiencing a plague of data hackers. Money & identities stolen, people being fooled by cat-phishing, fake romances, ransom ware etc. All of these have been practiced by cults and religions for ...
Pink Panther

Re: Murli points on Destruction

04 Nov 2022

The first Christians thought Jesus would return in their own lifetimes. He, a descendant of the great King David who slew the giant Goliath, would overthrow the Roman conquerors and restore a new Jerusalem as the capital of a redeemed Jewish Kingdom. Never happened. The time frame kept getting pushe...
Pink Panther

Re: Death of Conny Dietzschold

09 Oct 2022

So, to add to the story ... This was related to me by someone who watched this on a video link online. A BK memorial program was held recently and Florian, long time companion to Connie stood up to share at length some memories. One thing that came out was that he and Connie had actually married man...

Re: A Pandemic of Sexual Abuse in the Yoga Community?

03 Sep 2022

Yoga sect allegedly exploited women to lure men like Placido Domingo 2nd September 2022 Gecker and Associated Press Writer Olga R. Rodriguez contributed from San Francisco. An Argentina-based Yoga group is under investigation for sexually exploiting women to secure the support of wealthy and powerf...
Pink Panther

Re: Death of Conny Dietzschold

22 Aug 2022

Yes, that is them. Tall, lean, when they were young & wore their pale blond hair in long platted ponytail. Regarding relationships:- I remember hearing 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand gossip about Ellen copping flack for getting involved with someone in Bali, a normal person, not a BK, with some BKs sayin...

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