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Re: The A to Z of Sex and the Brahma Kumaris

19 Jul 2018

Sex lust scares them all off.

Bang on!

Ha ... ha ... reading a full post about sex is too much for a BK to handle. I really feel sad for him as he needs to work so hard again, but reality stands naked even if you keep your eyes closed!

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

08 May 2018

When she went on her first rampage against a couple of ”Brothers” (adult men) who’d grown beards, essentially put them down in front of the class and they then shaved them off ... Later on they loosened up as they were finding a lot of resistance from bearded Sikhs and, well, bums on seats comes fi...

BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

30 Mar 2018

Finally some BKs are coming out questioning the "real" teachings of BKs and telling the "Awakening" program is merely a show piece and a trap for innocent and needy people. Around 30 min, followers are also advised to consult this site and others for getting more information abou...

Re: Onvalianthorwatch - BKs, the UN and the New World Order

19 Oct 2016

No slugs, moulds or bacteria? How do they think anything is going to decompose? Typical answer ... "The Power of Yoga". Sorry for staying off-topic, but I see that senior BKs have their own fantasy-Golden Age and each of them have his/her own world there. While they had been suffering fro...

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

01 Oct 2016

The older they are getting, feeling death coming closer the more they are feeling a cataclysmic change going to happen ... death can be the same for many including BKs and this analogy of phoenix is another self-assuring fantasy that their whole effort in this cult was not just stupid waste of life....

Re: Who will care for you when you become old or terminal il

23 Apr 2016

Sorry 99agr99 ... you did not put the starting comment as quotes so i thought it came from you, please don´t mind. On the other hand, BKs in fact look for emotionally and psychologically weaker persons, and ones already challenged by life, but with good sized pockets and start spreading their spirit...

Re: Who will care for you when you become old or terminal il

23 Apr 2016

why would I care if I become a cremator as long as I am happy. Before you become a cremator in a hypothetical fantasy world of BKs where present day "controllers" will remain on big seats, you will have to cremate in this life your logic, reasoning, independence, conscience, nature to arg...

Re: History of the Practise of BK Raja Yoga + PBK Practise

26 Mar 2016

Welcome human being to this forum! Please do share your experience with others, this may help and encourage others to take critical decisions and rejoin the realities of life and shed the delusions.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

18 Mar 2016

Pakka BK One never knows when it is enough untill one knows it's more than enough. Most of us here on this site belong to latter category, so gain something from our experience. We can see where you are coming from, but pity is you cannot. We can also feel sympathetic (or may be pity) for you. Just ...

Re: Evidence of Stone Age Murders Found 12,000 Years old

22 Jan 2016

Prof Robert Foley went on to say, “I’ve no doubt it is in our biology to be aggressive and lethal, just as it is to be deeply caring and loving. A lot of what we understand about human evolutionary biology suggests these are two sides of the same coin.” ...and brahmakumaris are fake coins with no r...

Paris attack and political BKWSU

18 Nov 2015

Here is a message for the media from Jayanti and it looks so political. She dares to change the picture of Shiv Baba too. On the face of it, she wants to show how liberal and loveful they are and on the back she knows it was the karma of these people that they got killed by terrorists..poor souls. P...

Buying property

05 Nov 2015

Got a news from someone that a new house was bought by German BK Center in Berlin. So people have been robbed off €300,000 for a dream of heaven in always-so-near future and the center has already found a heaven in Berlin for themselves. I wonder how many refugees could be served with that much money.

Re: When to tell a friend to wake up

04 Nov 2015

In my experience, the longing to see the "weak bricks" fail, regret, and return to centers was very strong in most of the BKs; in particular those who were there for more than 2-3 years. In seeing others fail, they see the worthiness of them still being BKs when their natural biology and p...

Re: APJ Abdul Kalam at the Brahma Kumaris

07 Aug 2015

ex-l wrote ... which is quite commonplace in India. Right. I was in a village where I witnessed that a ´powerful´entity entered a woman and was giving right answers to some people´s questions. The difference was the calmness that surrounds Gulzar´s body while it was aggression in that village woman....

Re: Are all BKs awful people???

21 May 2015

Ha Ha ... Paramdham ... a red light area!!

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