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09 Jan 2008

Well, I do not take classes anymore, but will visit from time to time to meditate on my own.

No one scared the s ... out of me, I will just look somewhere else for help on meditation. As for Kioko, she is a wonderful person, perhaps too naive.


Thank you all...Merci a tous!

11 Sep 2007

Et bien! So much B.S.!! I mean, when any religious "leader" starts to "hear" messages from A God, this should be a red light to all! Promoting an unconditionally different lifestyle which has nothing to do with the philosophy taught? Enriching themselves through Karma ideology, t...

Being a new BK ...

10 Sep 2007

I started the seven courses a week ago, and already felt alienated from the rules and "schooling/guidance" yet given in a gently tone and manner. Although amiable and based on value teaching, I stumbled upon their intense desire to remodeled what their call our "soul/point of light&qu...

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