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Re: Help me to fight Maya

09 Aug 2013

Masturbation is a good thing actually for releasing your tension and for your body as well. The semen in your body needs to be replenished by replacing them (through masturbation), otherwise the cells start to decay, and has a very, very high chance of causing you prostate cancer. Masturbation also ...

Re: ब्रह्मकुमरियो ने थमाया हाथों में झुनझुना ...

13 Jul 2013

This is the ultimate troll xD

All hail Troll Shiv Baba. \m/

Re: Brahma Kumaris attitudes towards animals

13 Jul 2013

@Haritha Do you even know how milk is obtained these days ? Have you ever wondered how easily and readily you get milk any time of the year, even in the non mating season (or some months after it actually) ? The cows are artificially inseminated by injections, repeatedly many times (many many times ...

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