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The BKs' premature claim to enlightenment

30 Nov 2013

The narrow-minded view that theirs is the only one path to the summit of moksha is sadly a common belief & elitist view held dear by many cults & religions. The BKs being one of many that delude themselves in believing with great conviction, that they have the monopoly on moksha & see th...

Raj-yoga meditation as practiced by the BKs

29 Nov 2013

When I began meditation with the BKs, I had some very powerful, deeply peaceful meditation experiences. During the Honeymoon Period, I felt on a continuous high & never felt so good. Eventually that transcendental state of mind began to fade & difficulties in my practice surfaced. For the fi...

My time with the BKs

26 Nov 2013

I am really pleased to have discovered this open ex-BK forum. In my case, it has taken many years to understand & come to terms with my time spent as a full time BK back in the 19900s. I take full responsibility for the choices I make in life. Living a spiritual life in the modern world is truly...

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