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Re: Why am I always worrying?

31 Jul 2014

Hi, Thanks for reply on my post. I am not able to break my thoughts. Every time i fear. Suppose I am doing something i feel negative thoughts about my family members. After that I will do again and again same work, and my mind start making negative story. I don't know what i do. Every time my mind h...

Re: Why am I always worrying?

19 Feb 2014

Thanks to all of you. I am not a part of BK but i believe so much on BK (Om Shanti). I have some problem about my thoughts. I have no way to describe my problem, that's why i post my thoughts here. Actually i always fear about god. Like i feel that i wish something wrong. Every time i feel, any work...

Why am I always worrying?

15 Jan 2014

Hi Sister Shivani,

I saw your program on Astha Chanel. I like you very much. I always fear about god. Why am I always worrying? I need to talk with you. How can possible it.

Please reply me ...


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