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Re: Leaving the BKs

02 Oct 2014

Hello Affected BK, It's never too late to start life afresh. Tell yourself repeatedly that BK life is not the 'be all and end all' of your existence. There's more to life ... genuine and good things like charity, professional growth, improving personal relationships ... basically, taking life as it ...

Re: Brahmakumaris shifting from World Destruction Theory

17 Sep 2014

Ex-I, during your time as a BK, how did your BK peers feel/react when they realised that predictions on 'Destruction' had failed ? Did their perception about the BKs change even a bit? And how exactly did the BKs cover up their glitch ... just by renaming and reinterpreting Destruction as 'Transform...

Re: The BKs to Narendra Modi

17 Sep 2014

Oh, they just love meeting and getting clicked with the celebrities and VIPs ! That gives 'em sufficient content to fill up the pages of their monthly magazines. But according to the BK view, aren't these VIPs supposed to be 'low-class impure souls' because they don't follow the tenets of BKism and ...

Re: Why do the BKs deny access to their teachings (Murlis)?

15 Sep 2014

After so many proven failures, they should atleast stop calling themselves as students of a 'Godly university' because God is not running it, for sure.

It's being run by a group of ordinary human beings ... fallible human beings.

Re: Why do the BKs deny access to their teachings (Murlis)?

14 Sep 2014

If you're a 'questioning' BK intending to cleanse the system, you'll have to ask questions and evidence from the BKs also.

Re: Why do the BKs deny access to their teachings (Murlis)?

13 Sep 2014

The editing of the content of the 'original' Murlis only to remove inflammatory statements/words and then re-writing them to suit their agenda. is not this sufficient evidence ? Or may be you can ask your centre in charge about whether the Murlis she reads out to the class daily is exactly the same ...

Re: Why do the BKs deny access to their teachings (Murlis)?

13 Sep 2014

It's not just about the inclusion and exclusion of the Destruction dates from the Murlis. It's about the fact that the BK leadership has not been honest with their innocent and 'unquestioning' adherents right from the very beginning and that the foundation itself of their 'religion' is weak and base...

Re: Why do the BKs deny access to their teachings (Murlis)?

12 Sep 2014

OK. But what was the need to edit or modify them ? Why couldn't they be presented to the world in their original form ?

Thank you

Re: Debunking BKWSU myths: "first women spiritual leaders"

25 Aug 2014

Very nice compilation ! Going through it made me feel that these women who dedicated their entire life to genuine 'social service' of one or the other kind, would have been inherently 'spiritual'. I mean did they have to join any organisation & do their foundation course, attend regular classes ...

BK 'service' only means one thing

22 Aug 2014

From: Rajneesh on the BKWSU changing date of Destruction (1980s) Unfortunately, for BKs, 'service' only means one thing - to expand the presence of their centres and to attract adherents who will contribute their Tan (physical body), mann (mind) & most importantly dhan (money) to keep the centr...

Re: Message to BK Simon Blandford, Learningspirit & others

19 Aug 2014

true spirituality must be equal opportunities for all. I do not see any equality in the BKs' pecking order and think that as far as marriage or relationship issues are concerned, rules are much relaxed and flexible for Westerners ... Having said that, I am sure there are situations when unnecessary...

Re: Message to BK Simon Blandford, Learningspirit & others

18 Aug 2014

I can say this for myself that I wasn't invited or influenced by ex-I, or anyone else, to join this forum and express my 'personal' views about the Brahma Kumaris. In fact, I myself was looking for a platform where I could give feedback about my observations and experience with the BKs since the BKs...

Re: Relation status of BK Brothers and BK Sisters in Satyug

17 Aug 2014

BKs' relationship status - 'It's complicated'. :D

Re: Why am I always worrying?

03 Aug 2014

Yes, makes sense to me as well. Actually it was only for general guidance and advices like these that I joined the BKs but when gradually they started pulling me into other irrelevant things (and tried to make me their follower & forced me to believe everything they claimed) that I completely lo...

Re: The experience of meeting BapDada

17 Jul 2014

Soon, I chose to change my lifestyle rather. I am glad you did that instead of falling prey to the irrational ideologies of BKs. They're foolish enough to think that it's only through 'them' that people can discover and know everything about God. To which she said, you scientists have to change you...

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