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Re: BK Anthony Strano dead

16 Aug 2014

I was in the center when a Senior Sister read this message. I could not stop laughing at this stupid message. I don't know how the educated public who comes to this center believe all these things. It was such a cheap message and I don't think people will believe this but there are lot of BK followe...

Re: Hi, I joined BK 3 months back.

10 Aug 2014

Thanks for all your replies. I stopped going to the center for 3 days but they go on send messages and one person is calling me to come to the center. When I told him that I am not interested and also told him that I do not want to become deity instead I want to be a human being and also I feel that...

Re: BK and corruption - really?

10 Aug 2014

I do not know whether there is corruption or anything but all Dadis and Sisters live with the money given by their followers.

When I asked one of the Sister about doing charity to an orphanage or to a poor sick person she said Baba is telling not to do any charity or donation to anyone.

Hi, I joined BK 3 months back.

08 Aug 2014

Hi, I joined BK 3 months back. When I was shopping I met a old couple who gave me a small leaflet about Raja Yoga and took my number and told me that his son is taking free class. Since it was close to my house I joined for a 7 days course and thought it was the end. But he took me to the center and...

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