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Re: After Raj Yoga, Can There be ANY Faith?

20 Dec 2008

Hi Ex-London Not sure how long ago you posted this, but I found it interesting reading, especially the bit about the 'burning' Third Eye, which I also experience. I am able to move my consciousness away from it, it just takes me patience and conscious effort. As soon as I read what you said, I thoug...

Reflections on Eromain's Child Abuse Correspondence

14 Dec 2008

I have just read the whole of Eromain's submission re Child Protection (except for one or two minor bits regarding emails to centres worldwide). It makes salutary reading, and I would like to express my thanks and support to E for continuing to press for action as long as he did. When I left Gyan I ...

19 Nov 2007

Excuse me for hijacking a bansy quote from another thread but thanks. Does his mood change? Does he become more serious and practical? Does he talk quicker or even listen? Is it conversational or one way? I always wondered why he might need to ask, when surely he should know. What is the mood of the...

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