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From atheist to BK to ex-BK to atheist

24 Dec 2007

Hi everyone I just want to thank all of you for your insights, both here and on the xbkchat. They came at a time when there was no one else who could understand what I was going through. When I originally registered, my wife and I were still very much extremely devoted BKs. At the time, we tried to ...

04 Feb 2007

arjun wrote:It would be interesting to know by what name have the BKs been publishing the compilations of Avyakt Vanis in English?

The name on the compilations is Avyakt BapDada in English.

Regards, Kurosh

24 Jan 2007

A couple of questions: BTW Please can you give us an update on the incidence of beatings and kidnappings of PBKs by BK Brothers? I have heard that the BKWSU administration is promising that these vile practices will be stopped. Is this true? I do hope the BKs will befriend the PBKs. Does anyone have...

18 Dec 2006

I am starting to get the impression from BKs who have posted on this forum that Sakar Murlis (Murlis written whilst Brahma Baba was still in the corporeal world) are not that important in the BKworld anymore. They generally don't seem to care whether they are rewritten, bits taken out, sentences al...

28 Jun 2006

2. Which among the following is correct about the answers that are received from Shiv? ---- It is the soul of Shiv only who gives the answer through the corporeal body. Hi Arjun If I understand the response correctly, the implication is that everything which comes from the corporeal body of Virendr...

06 Jun 2006

How many PBKs are there worldwide?

Thanks, Kurosh

30 May 2006

Om Shanti everyone Thanks for your replies. The reason for why he would be considered the thorniest is not really something that is very important to me. I asked only because the point was made on a PBK site that BB obviously did not fit the description so I simply wanted to complete the comparison ...

30 May 2006

BKs say that ShivBaba has returned to the Soul World after 1969. Om Shanti Arjun You've said this several times in your postings but I've never heard this in any BK classes that I've attended and I've been a close-to-daily Murli student for about 3 years. Was this something that was communicated in...

29 May 2006

Why would someone like to ask questions if he does not believe the anwers will be trutful, or if he does belive would he not like to ask personally? Om Shanti Andrey I don't understand the first part of your question. I am not sure what I said that gave the impression that I think the answers will ...

Are there limitations on the Ocean of Knowledge?

28 May 2006

Om Shanti During some discussions about Gyan with my wife, she suggested that we should ask one of the PBK posters to ask Baba to tell her something that only she knows about herself (or something like that). It stimulated a conversation about how someone needs to translate questions into Hindi for ...

Question about Virendra Dev Dixit's life before Gyan

28 May 2006

Om Shanti I was reading the website and one of the arguments put forward about why Ram's soul is the number one soul was that ShivBaba says in a Sakar Murli that He makes the number one thorn into the number one flower. The PBK view (as articulated by the website author) is that Brahma B...

28 May 2006

Om Shanti Arjun I don't understand how the idea of Baba giving sakaash can be reconciled with the idea of Baba being abhogta (I am unsure of the spelling). Feel free to correct any part of the following. The definition of abhogta is something like "beyond the influence of action", which ca...

Why I left the BKWSU

26 May 2006

Om Shanti everyone I am very interested to know from ex-BKs (also BKs and PBKs, if I can beg your indulgence for non-ex-BKs to post in this part of the forum) what aspect of knowledge or possibly a meditation experience or something else caused you to consider BK philosophy to be the truth. Also for...

23 May 2006

What I have been told is that Shiva requires a body to communicate and that He uses Brahma's subtle body post-1969 in the same way that He used his corporeal body pre-1969. Since Brahma became Avyakt, Shiva enters subtle Brahma (known as BapDada) and this combined entity uses Dadi Gulzar's body to c...

19 May 2006

I thought Radha and Krisna BECAME Lakshmi and Narayan but one of the posters (a PBK) has just said that they are born from them. I believe Arjun was implying that two members of the Advance Party will hold the roles of Confluence-Aged Lakshmi and Narayan, where the names are intended as titles like...

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