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Re: More Whitewashed History: BK service in the USA movie

19 Feb 2019

I smile at the BK propaganda movie celebrating 40 years of service in the USA; I am happy I am not in the picture, their movie. If I go into much details on the evidence-based history of BK service in the USA, I will lose my anonymity. It not worth it my ego is not bruised by the absence of my name....

Re: Using the 5,000 Year Cycle to bring truth to life with B

04 Feb 2019

I add some comments on the paper by Misra et al. The style of scholarly writing is not clear. Is it the AMA, MLA, or APA format of writing? In the introductory section there is there a literature review? How does the BK system of raj Yoga compare and contrast with other schools of raj Yoga? Such a c...

Re: Would Jesus Have Been a BK or Remained a BK?

05 Jan 2019

Ex-I, we all know that corrupted forms of love are always toxic to souls in male and female bodies, who are on the spiritual path. Spiritual aspirants can become victims of their spiritual entropy or chaos. I have also read the books on the stellar role of John the Baptist in the revolutions 2000 ye...

Re: Would Jesus Have Been a BK or Remained a BK?

04 Jan 2019

Ex-I, Thank you for your questions, arguments, and counter-arguments. There is a scientific approach to conducting research on the historical Jesus. It will have to be a mixed methods approach consisting of quantitative methods and qualitative methods. Quantitative methods with its use of deductive ...

Re: Would Jesus Have Been a BK or Remained a BK?

01 Jan 2019

Many ex-BKs who joined the BKs in the 1970s and 1980s are most likely star seeds or blue ray souls. Individuals who joined the BKs later, especially those who become ex-BKs after 1980s as teens or young adults are indigo souls.

Re: Would Jesus Have Been a BK or Remained a BK?

31 Dec 2018

Ex-I and Pink, I thank you for your invaluable and extensive responses to my post. In a scientific investigation, questions are as important or sometimes more important than the answers. Some of the questions you have asked are important in the formulation of hypotheses for exploration by experiment...

Would Jesus Have Been a BK or Remained a BK?

29 Dec 2018

The BKs seem to have limited information on a soul who is one of the super-stars or super-souls even in their 5000 years cycle. When quantitatively comparing the content of the BK data bank of information with scholarly sources on a soul instrumental in the formation of a politico-religious dynasty ...

Re: Using the 5,000 year cycle to bring truth to life with B

16 Dec 2018

I have had the impression that the BKs had a group of scientists and physicians validating their concepts, may be the equivalent of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. But then if the Vatican were to truly listen and implement the ideas of the PAS, Christianity would be much different and we would o...

Re: 40,000 year old figurative painting discovered in Borneo

13 Dec 2018

Constructing the infrastructure for the Sat Yug is not the same as JFK proposing in 1960s that humans should land on the moon, and the event happening less than a decade later. There can be unprecedented advances in science and technology in the next 20 years; building and maintaining an infrastruct...

Re: Unethical Hypnosis in Destructive Cults

06 Dec 2018

Cults manipulate (Personal development, 2018); among their leaders are sociopaths and psychopaths. It's a fact of life and living.


Retrieved from: 33 Ways People try to Manipulate You, Personal development (2018).


24 Nov 2018

The doomsday clock of the BKs seem not to be synchronized with the NATO doomsday clock. There were several times when the NATO doomsday clock was close to mid-night. Thanksgiving week 1978 was one of those times. The NATO clock also approached mid-night September 11, 2001. There were original plans ...

Re: Marla Marples' Sponsored Visit to the Brahma Kumaris HQ

22 Nov 2018

I smiled and laughed reading the great posts on this site about Ms. Maples. I wish the Sister well and hope she sees the light and moves on from the BK orbit and find an authentic spiritual teacher. It's quite sexy, and she is a quite sexy lady, to say in the USA, that one has found spiritual enligh...


20 Nov 2018

Ex-I, Here are some more sources: Fire From The Sky - Battle of Harvest Moon and True Story of Space ... THE JONESTOWN MASSACRE HOAX The Battle of Thanksgiving Day The Real Rambo Congresswoman, Jackie Spier, US Official who survived Jones Town On a more pe...

Re: Marla Marples' Sponsored Visit to Brahma Kumaris HQ

20 Nov 2018

She's famous, white, and American. America, the USA has been the spiritual Vietnam for the BKs. The BKs are using principles of applied anthropology in their efforts to win the hearts and minds of Americans and Indians.


18 Nov 2018

This week is Thanksgiving Week in the United States and it is the 40 anniversary of the mass mortality of approximately 1000 American citizens in the jungles of Guyana. Evidence greater than 40 years in duration, buried in the past, is emerging that the mass mortality in Jonestown, portrayed in the ...

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