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human being

Re: After Raj Yoga, Can There be ANY Faith?

15 Jan 2024

Look everyone has a right to express their opinions and I see many people on this thread who are trying to rationalize their BK life experiences. Some I am sure would have reverted back to their BK meditation style as I could see a sort of reverence for the cult in their opinions (may or may not be ...

Re: BKism: Spirits, super consciousness or psychology?

20 Dec 2023

In an earlier post I had mentioned 3 factors on which a channeling type relationship depends. The first was the strength of your 'source'; and the second was the strength of your bond with that source. In the case of normal humans (and even some non-human ones, involving lower level spirits etc), it...
human being

Re: The Four Horseman of the Non-Apocalypse

18 Dec 2023

One of the mysteries of BKism is how it adopted some of this same monotheistic, messianic nature. I suspect that, in love with the British as much as he was, Lekhraj Kirpalani had exposure to some Jehovah Witness-type Christianity, however, I have no evidence to support that apart from the extra re...

Re: BKism: Spirits, super consciousness or psychology?

16 Dec 2023

This would then raise questions, or even present answers, for why individuals who have ostensibly "left" BKism, still struggle with influences, serve, or are used for the benefits of the BKWSU and its spirits.They are, in a sense, still psychically enslaved to the BK community, even thoug...

Re: BKism: Spirits, super consciousness or psychology?

16 Dec 2023

I don't think you and I are saying anything contradictory. Whatever you have written about usage of drugs etc in this dimension most certainly affects the person and often provides him with some experience if done correctly, though I have no personal experience of this matter but it's well documente...

Re: BKism: Spirits, super consciousness or psychology?

14 Dec 2023

I'd throw in a third unrelated influence, e.g. those under the influence of drugs or alcohol (again, I guess, ego weakeners?). The reason drugs/herbs etc are not included in discussions about serious spirituality is that unlike other spiritual practices or deep and long suffering which help reduce ...

Re: BKism: Spirits, super consciousness or psychology?

12 Dec 2023

Most of the experiences, like feeling 'in sync' with the universe and being at exactly the right place at the right time or feeling as if universe is very benevolent towards you and everything is tuned to perfection, are psychic in nature too. It's just the degree and nature of those experiences tha...

Re: An Exploration of Spiritual Superiority: The Paradox of

02 Dec 2023

As far as my understanding goes spirituality is just about being aware that a different dimension of existence exists and all the boundaries/labels/categorizations that we so easily make in daily life are nothing but simplifications in our attempt to grasp/make sense of a multi layered reality which...

Re: BKism: Spirits, super consciousness or psychology?

28 Nov 2023

Years ago, on this forum, I mention a novel about just that. Unfortunately, I cannot remember its name right now (a quick search suggests it's an idea that a few authors have explored). It was about how the gods or spirits needed us to pray to and remember in order them to feed off our energy, and ...

Re: BKism: Spirits, super consciousness or psychology?

26 Nov 2023

When we were kids we all studied Newtonian physics. While studying the second law of motion, we learned an interesting concept of a non-inertial frame of reference and pseudo forces. To a person sitting in a non-inertial frame of reference, like a car taking a turn, it feels that a force is acting r...

Re: A glimpse into tantra from the perspective of a practiti

13 Nov 2023

This clip is from one of the above videos and I strongly agree with it. This explains, from the perspective of the speaker, the BK ghost spirit is pretending to be someone it is clearly not. There are lots of hints about such entities in many of his videos. I have read internal 'sandesh' (messages) ...

Re: A glimpse into tantra from the perspective of a practiti

13 Nov 2023 There are 3 broad stages in any kind of spiritual practice be it 'Gyan', Bhakti, Yoga, tantra etc. (That's how I classify it). The 1st or the lowest stage is where we, the common folk, exist. Here we are totally new with open mind and willing to explore v...

A glimpse into tantra from the perspective of a practitioner

13 Nov 2023

This guy I found on YouTube last year and I believe he is one of the most sincere practitioners of tantra who you will find online. He never pretends to be a guru, just a practitioner. To him things are real and it's his experiences that make them real for him not some intellectual gymnastics. There...

BKism: Spirits, super consciousness or psychology?

08 Nov 2023

Split from: Karma. Why did Islam Invade Bharath and Give Sorrow? There is no depth to it all. No where at all. It's really just about stupefaction and conformity, putting on a facade of religiosity, in order to reap financial and societal benefits and submitting to their spirits. Becoming passive m...

Re: Karma. Why did Islam Invade Bharath and Give Sorrow

06 Nov 2023

According to karma Bharath must have invaded Islam and given sorrow to Islam, so Islam came back and give sorrow to Bharath. Why did Ravan give sorrow to Bharath? Bharath must have given sorrow Rama must have given sorrow to Ravana and according to karma Ravan give back sorrow to Rama Why did black...

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