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Mr Green

Re: The A to Z of Sex and the Brahma Kumaris

17 Jul 2018

Sex lust scares them all off.

Re: Remains of 11,000 Year Old Temples Found in Turkey

05 Jul 2018

Arrogance of the scientists, dear boy.
Mr Green

Re: Delay in marriage

01 Jul 2018

It's better to find someone that makes you feel happy. Make a family with someone who loves you and you love them. You will know when the right one comes.

Money means nothing compared to happiness.

Good luck for your future.
Mr Green

Re: The Story of Virendra Dev Dixit

25 Jun 2018

Why cannot he just drishti his way out of it?
Mr Green

Re: The BKs are finished

13 Jun 2018

I met her a couple of times, she was unnerving and strange. But warm and sweet.

GuptaRati, your words are sweet and true.

Thank you

Re: Brahma Kumari wins Miss Vegetarian Russia Prize

04 Jun 2018

arroooooooga shanti
Mr Green

Re: Delusional disorder

15 May 2018

The fear of losing your status and Dharamraj were useful tools.
Mr Green

Re: The BKs are finished

12 May 2018

Hi Gupta

I am well thanks for asking, I have removed all animosity from my being towards the BKs.

Best thing is to laugh at them and wonder, "How did I ever get caught in such a silly place?"

Hope you're well too.
Mr Green

Re: The BKs are finished

11 May 2018

The middle management will find it harder and harder to justify anything to those that have seen the changes, they'll make up a new load of lies for the newbies.

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

03 May 2018

Frustrated sexuality makes people behave strangely towards each other. Center life is terrible.
Mr Green

The BKs are finished

03 May 2018

This year there have been no BapDada meetings as Dadi Gulzar now lives in a hospice and cannot perform her ventriloquist act. No one else is prepared to sit on stage and pretend Avyakt Brahama is speaking through them. Double foreigners are leaving in their droves. No instructions are forthcoming, D...
Mr Green

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

31 Mar 2018

Destruction cannot happen until all the lost family return from the jaws of Ravan, which is us lot.
Mr Green

Re: BKs Prove Dadi Janki's Mind Power is Ordinary

03 Nov 2017

She's the sort of Sister I would like to do the course with.
Mr Green

Re: BKs Prove Dadi Janki's Mind Power is Ordinary

30 Oct 2017

I don't know about that, unless you expand the theory to include a sort of general, background susceptibility to being hypnotised that, seemingly, a certain percentage of the population has. Like what stage hypnotists play on with their audience by way of a screening device before getting people on...
Mr Green

Re: Prashant

25 Oct 2017

I knew him fairly well, what's happened to him then?

I wonder if Geoff M from has left yet

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