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Mr Green

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

31 Mar 2018

Destruction cannot happen until all the lost family return from the jaws of Ravan, which is us lot.
Mr Green

Re: BKs Prove Dadi Janki's Mind Power is Ordinary

03 Nov 2017

She's the sort of Sister I would like to do the course with.
Mr Green

Re: BKs Prove Dadi Janki's Mind Power is Ordinary

30 Oct 2017

I don't know about that, unless you expand the theory to include a sort of general, background susceptibility to being hypnotised that, seemingly, a certain percentage of the population has. Like what stage hypnotists play on with their audience by way of a screening device before getting people on...
Mr Green

Re: Prashant

25 Oct 2017

I knew him fairly well, what's happened to him then?

I wonder if Geoff M from has left yet
Mr Green

Re: BKs Prove Dadi Janki's Mind Power is Ordinary

25 Oct 2017

She had some power though.

The power to mesmerise.
Mr Green

Scientologists open an "Oxford"

Mr Green

Re: BK Ruins Family Life

16 Oct 2017

Apart from locking her up which is illegal there is nothing you can do except be there for her when the crash comes. The BKs use powerful techniques to brainwash people, she will have been told stuff in secret from you and she will not tell you! Go away together as a family maybe you'll have a chance

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

20 Sep 2017

by the power of grayskull
Mr Green

Re: First Chinese to join BKWSU in 1979

29 Aug 2017

Good work whisperer

Re: Why India doesnt do anything about its corrupt God Men/W

27 Aug 2017

so laughable
Mr Green

Re: Some question regarding BK experience

17 Aug 2017

The meditation is not so bad it's the Gyan that kills ya

Re: Bandit Turned BK Preacher wanted again by Police

03 Aug 2017

Hahahaha, well funny 'Say Anything' Karuna is a bit of a cartoon character.

Re: Cats and Neolithic Genocide Pre-Dates BK Heaven on Earth

04 Jul 2017

It's all fixed in tut Drama.

Re: Some BK staffers causing discomfort to people

13 Jun 2017

... and your sanity.
Mr Green


23 May 2017

She exists only in the Sewer Region.

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