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Re: BK Centre in Charge: Swindling, Fiddling & Mooching Evid

10 Nov 2016

All credit goes to this forum people. We believe, many of the BK's top brass would be reading all the posts regularly. This had its impact and its implications are the outcomes. Not alone alleging would have had delivered us this result. We were very firm before striking the chord with an institutio...

Re: BK Adyar Centre's Swindling, Fiddling & Mooching Evidenc

10 Nov 2016

Dear All, This is to inform that Adyar Centre, Chennai, Tamilnadu had vacated the aforementioned "encroached" private property which belonged to the illiterate Brother who makes his living on daily wages by carpentering. Thanks for all the readers of BK Forum who played a vital role and ha...

Re: regards Swindling, Fiddling & Mooching by BK Centre InCh

16 Sep 2016

Thanks for the inputs and support. The affected and distressed Kumar doesn't want to escalate and make this public in media, cause that will have a severe impact on the other religious followers who had dedicated. But we, as Individuals who had been shattered by these such third rated activities, ar...

BK Centre in Charge: Swindling, Fiddling & Mooching Evidence

14 Sep 2016

Hi, It's all about the factual event happened at Adyar Centre, Chennai, Tamilnadu. One of the Kumars had agreed to let his livelihood residential property for Centre use only. His property is worth above 70 lakhs INR and situated in prime location of Chennai. It was an agreed oral conformation that ...

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